With the generous help of its volunteers, ISGS is poised for continued success.  The positions listed below present some interesting and exciting opportunities for you!
Please consider helping ISGS achieve its mission to preserve and disseminate Illinois historical and genealogical materials, and to educate and aid those researching their ancestry.

ISGS Indexing Project: In addition to the ISGS Board and committee opportunities listed below, we are hard at work on a project indexing ledgers from the Illinois Department of Registration and Education 1877-1952. Interested? This project requires the following: a computer with a CD drive, Microsoft Excel, and an Internet connection. Contact Clyda Ogle, Indexing Coordinator,

For further details on any of the positions listed below, contact Susie Pope:

  • Quarterly - Managing Editor:  The Managing Editor oversees the Editorial Board of the quarterly in the development and publication of the Quarterly.  This position receives a stipend.
  • Quarterly Design & Technical Editor: This position works with the Quarterly Managing Editor, and produces the layout design of the Quarterly. Skills in designing and working with graphics are required.
  • Quarterly Copy Editor:  This person should be familiar with genealogical writing and citing sources.  Requirements include a willingness to offer opinions and meet deadlines, and a broad understanding of grammar, spelling and writing style.
  • Advertising Chair: This committee solicits ads for the ISGS Quarterly, Newsletter, and fall conference syllabus.
  • Marketing & Publicity Chair:  The goals of this committee are to disseminate information about ISGS, to stimulate an interest in genealogy and ISGS, and to promote membership in the society in consultation with other society committees.
  • Church Records Chair:  This committee assembles a list of Illinois repositories of church records and maintains files of these records.