Upcoming Webinars

The 2015 ISGS Webinar series is sponsored by FamilySearch
September 2015
Using Tax Records for Genealogical Problem Solving
  • Presenter:  Michael Lacopo
  • Date: September 8, 2015, 8:00 pm Central
  • Description: Although most researchers are aware of tax records, they are seldom utilized and dismissed as boring and insignificant.  Tax records can solve MANY genealogical dilemmas and should be a primary records source to utilize, especially in states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky, but nationwide.  This lecture will show you how they can help you!
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October 2015
Polish Genealogy – Four Steps to successful research
  • Presenter:  Steve Szabados
  • Date: October 13, 2015, 8:00 pm Central
  • Description: When did your Polish ancestors immigrate, from where did they leave, why did they leave, how did they get here? These are questions we all hope to find the answers. This presentation is designed to give the researcher the tools needed to research their Polish ancestors and find possible answers to the origins of your Polish heritage. The program outlines a simple process that will identify where your ancestors were born and where to find their Polish records. Steve uses his own genealogical research experience to outline a simple process that has been successful for the author.
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November 2015
In-laws and Outlaws: The Bylaws of Talking About The Family Skeletons
  • Presenter:  Janet Hovorka
  • Date: November 10, 2015, 8:00 pm Central
  • Description: Sharing your family history can be an important part of the health of your family relationships but every family has a few sticking points.  If you don't have some family skeletons, you just haven't done enough family history research yet.  Every family has heroes and scoundrels.  How do you pass down this information to the next generations in your family in a healthy, safe way that encourages strong connections to family and good coping skills?  Sometimes it is all in the way you frame it.  Here are some rules for making sure your family learns from the past and proceeds forward into the future in a healthy way.
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December 2015
The US Federal Census: Good, Bad and Ugly for Genealogists
  • Presenter:  Gary Smith
  • Date: December 8, 2015, 8:00 pm Central
  • Description: The US Federal Census has become a staple of genealogical research in the United States.  Using the census most effectively, however, requires understanding that there are good, bad, and truly ugly aspects of this record. Most are related to the type, quality or quantity of information recorded, but there are also some major pros and cons of the existence of the record.  Recognizing the possible pitfalls and highpoints will allow a researcher to use the record to best advantage.
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