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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
2 CAIRNS Lloyd Chesley Cpl., 93rd Aero Squadron, U.S. Army Madison
23 CAMPBELL Robert Alexander Co. D, 87th Ill. Mtd. Inf. Jefferson
48 CAMPBELL Thomas Co. E, 55th Ill. Inf. Kane
116 CAP Harvey Co. D & Co. G, 110th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
49 CARLOCK James Asbury Co. F, 3rd Ill. Cav. Madison
64 CARPER Andrew Co. H, 146th Ill. Inf. Bureau
57 CARPER Frederick Co. K. 57th Ill. Inf. Bureau
6 CARROLL George Brian Seaman 1/C, U.S. Navy Franklin
171 CASWELL Arthur D. Co. B, 88th Ill. Inf. Iroquois
66 CHAFFIN Philip T. Co. C, 78th Ill. Inf. McDonough
203 CHAMBERLAIN George W. Co. A, 33rd Ill. Inf. Vol. Whiteside
202 CHAMBERS John A. Co. A, 103rd Ill. Inf. Fulton
109 CHANDLER John Bell Co. F, 7th Ill. Cav. Marion
307 Chartrand Denis Co. F 28th Reg. MO Inf. Monroe
88 CLARK George Co. H, 93rd Ill. Inf. Henry
2 CLINGER John Leonard Co. E & B, 66th Ill. Inf. Unknown
193 CLUCK George Washington Co. D 6th Ill. Cav. Hamilton
149 CONWAY Dempsey Marion Co. H, 107th Ill. Inf. Greene
8 COOK William Albert Co. H, 38th Inf. U.S. Army White
172 CORYELL Daniel Co. K, 1st Cav. Missouri Vol. Clark
99 COTTERELL Silas Co. C, 86th Ill. Inf., Co. B, 77th Ill. Inf, Co. H 130th Inf. Richland
154 COUEY Andrew A. Co. C, 30th Ill. Inf. Randolph
18 CROMWELL Robert Co. A, 10th Ill. Inf. Morgan
138 CROSS Trulan Lowell Co. H, 67th Ill. Inf. Stephenson
1 CROWLEY Jacob Co.E., Daggett's Co., Lt. Col. C. Howard's Reg., MA Mil. Cumberland
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