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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
8 DAILEY Daniel Co. A, 39th Reg. Ill. Inf. Grundy
212 DAILY Elgin J. Co. C, 17th Cav. Marion
47 DAVIS James J. Co. B, 147th Ill. Inf. Whiteside
303 DAY William Co. G., IL 37th Reg., IL Vol. Inf. Ford
303 DAY William Co. G IL 37th Reg. IL Vol. Inf. Ford
56 DEROUSSE Joseph S. Jr. Co. C, 154th Ill. Inf. Randolph
1 DICKSON Roy William Pvt., Co. H, 125th Inf., U.S. Army Macon
1 DICKSON Richard Lionel Seaman, U.S. Navy Macon
92 DOBBS Winfield Co. G, 60th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
183 DRAYER Calvin Co. H, 113th Ill. Inf. Kankakee
22 EASTON Jasper Newton Co. I, 123rd Ill. Inf. Coles
69 EBERT John Henry Co. H, 9th Ill. Inf. Christian
244 EDWARDS Thomas Henry Co. K, IL 122nd Vol Inf, Cpl. Macoupin, Sangemon, Moultrie
17 ELLERBROCK Henry J. Co. C, 10th Ill. Inf. Adams
7 ELWELL Eli Co. F, 84th Ill. Inf. Hancock
194 EPPS Pleasant Co. K, 152nd Ill. Vol. Fayette
18 ERVIN Clarence L. 2nd Army IL 19th Cal. Troop C Vermillon
229 ETCHISON Benjamin W. Co. A, 98th IL Inf., Pvt Clay
20 FARMER Harold Lester 49 QM Dep. Co. LaSalle
305 FARNER Moses Pvt. Co. K, IL Inf. Jackson
73 FINNEGAN Arthur Co. K, 3rd Ill. Cav.; Co. A, 3rd Ill. Cav. Livingston
206 FLEMING John A. Polk Co. H, 54th Ill. Inf. Shelby
1 FOREMAN Samuel Co. G, 97th Ill. Inf. Madison
55 FOSTER Milton E. Co. E, 30th Ill. Inf. Randolph
31 FOWLER John Calvin Co. B, 193rd Oh. Inf. Iroquois
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