The following article was first published in the ISGS Quarterly, Volume 10, Number 1, p. 4-7, Spring 1978.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Obert Anderson, Ridgway, Illinois 62979
     These records were found in the Gallatin County Clerk's office at the Courthouse in Shawneetown, Illinois in a very old book which is not indexed, but the pages are numbered. Fully one half of the slaves had not been residents of Illinois prior to their freedom, but were brought by their masters from Tennessee, South Carolina, etc. to be freed. Each record has been summarized. If anyone desires a complete record, a certified copy may be obtained by writing to Ralph Colbert, County Clerk of Gallatin County, Illinois, Courthouse, Shawneetown, Illinois 62984. The cost of each certified copy of each record is $3.00, and $1.00 per page in excess of three pages. It is imperative that the page numbers be given that are to be copied. Otherwise, the request will not be honored, as the employees of the Clerk's Office do not have the time to search through the records. Please also include the date and names of the parties concerned in the record, and remember that often the slave was listed only by a given name.
     In addition to the Register of Slaves each page of the earliest Deed Book in Gallatin County is being checked. This is Deed Book "A" and begins in 1814. The task is time consuming as only the deeds are indexed, not the other instruments which are recorded. So far several slave records have been found, a few of which are also listed in the Slave Book. These will be published last.
     The records do not begin until page #27 in this book and the first one is not complete.

(Name not listed on this page) for cash and necessities of life for 40 years. HANNAH to Jepthah HARDIN. Wit: Jos. M. STREET.
12/12/1815. PETE, Negro man about age 34 of Gallatin County, Territory of Illinois and Jepthah HARDIN. For boarding, clothing and necessities for natural lifetime or 50 years from date. Wit: Jos. M. STREET, Gallatin County Clerk
3/4/1816. JENNY Negro woman about age 33, Gallatin County, Territory of Illinois, and Jepthah HARDIN for $400 and keep for 40 years. Wit: Jos. M. STREET.
7/25/1815. WINNEY, Negro woman age about 35 years, Gallatin County, Terr. Ill. And William RILLEY for $300 and keep for 15 years from this date. Wit: Jos. M. STREET, Gallatin County Clerk.
8/22/1818. DAN, Negro man about age 19, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory, and Cornelius LAFFERTY for $600 and keep, for 16 years from this date. Wit: Jos. M. STREET, Gallatin County Clerk.
8/22/1818. JIM, a free Negro man age about 30 years of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory and Cornelius LAFFERTY for $500 and keep for 30 years from date. Wit: Jos. M. STREET, Gallatin County Clerk.
8/22/1818. PHILLIS, a Negro girl about age 15 years, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory and John POSEY, for $1 and board, clothing, and maintenance for 60 years from this date. No witness. Phillis agrees to move any place in the U.S. and Territories of U.S.
p.38-9.       8/2/1818. WINNEY, free Negro girl age about 15 years of Gallatin County, Territory of Illinois and William BOWLES for $1 and board, clothing, maintenance and kind treatment for 25 years from date. Wit: Jos. M. STREET.
8/18/1818. DICK, free man of color, age about 20, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory and John FORESTER, for $1 board, clothing, maintenance and kind treatment for 60 years from date. Wit: Jos. M. STREET.
8/18/1818. LONDON, a free man of color, age about !6 years, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory and Joseph M. STREET for $1, board, clothing, maintenance and kind treatment for 60 years from date. Wit: John FORESTER.
8/24/1818. REUBIN, a Negro man, age about 27 years, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory, and John POSEY for $1, board, lodging, clothing and maintenance for 50 years from date. Agrees to go with Posey anywhere. Wit: Jos. M. STREET.
8/18/1818. PATSEY, a free Negro girl, age about 17 years, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory, and Joseph M. STREET, for $1, board, clothing, maintenance and good-kind treatment for natural life. Wit: John FORESTER.
8-22-1818. JUDY, a free Negro woman, age 30, of Gallatin Co., Illinois Territory, and Moses M. RAWLINGS, for board, clothing, good and kind treatment for 40 years from this date. Not signed by Moses M. RAWLINGS. Wit: Jos. M. STREET.
8/22/1818; DANIEL, a free Negro, age about 21 years, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory, for $660 in hand and agrees to serve Oliver C. VANLANDINGHAM or heirs for 40 years, binding in penalty of $1000. Wit: Joseph M. STREET, Clerk of Circuit Court, Gallatin County.
p.70-1.       Indenture made 8/22/1818. LUCINDA, a Negro woman, age about 30 years, of Gallatin County, Illinois Territory, for sum of $350 in hand agrees to serve Oliver C. VANLANDINGHAM for 30 years. Wit: Joseph M. STREET, Clerk of Gallatin County.
James DUNCAN of Logan County, KY discharges EDMOND (purchased of Major John ROBERTS of Culpeper Co., VA, and brought to KY by me) and his wife, PHILLIS, (belonging to my father's estate) from my services and the claims of my heirs, etc. Dated 20 Oct. 1819. Wit: Henry MAURY and J. M . DUNCAN. Recorded 1/3/1820 in Deed Book A, p. 69, Gallatin County, Illinois by Jos. M. STREET.
Joshua SCOTT (Clerk of Pope Co. Circuit Court), personally acquainted with Elizabeth CARTER now known as Elizabeth NORRINGTON, who lives near the Saline Saltworks since about 1800. She was called free by General John CALDWELL (with whom she came to Livingston Co., KY, and had as a husband, ABRAHAM, the property of CALDWELL). I further certify she held a headright of land in her name on Livingston Creek. Dated 7/27/1820. Signed by Joshua SCOTT and recorded 7/29/1820.
The above Elizabeth NORRINGTON, formerly Elizabeth CARTER, enters her son, a free man of color, age about 21 years called Samuel CALDWELL in compliance of Act of General Assembly as of March 30, 1819.
Bethaniah CREASY of Butler Co., KY, do free YORK, my black man from my service and claims of my heirs. Dated 8/4/1818. Wit: William DAVIS, James COHSON, and Temple DAVIS. State of KY, Butler Co., September County Court. Proven the emancipation of said YORK. Signed by Robert MORRISON, Clerk of Court, and dated 9/14/1818. Recorded in Gallatin Co., IL on 8/8/1820 (age given about 32 or 33 years) by Joseph M. STREET.
JOEL and wife Mary DAVIS, of Butler Co., KY, in consideration of $600 from SAMPSON (their slave) do emancipate and liberate SAMPSON from slavery and claims of their heirs. Dated 1/7/1818. Test: Rob. MORRISON and Daniel WILSON. Proven in Court 1/12/1818, signed by Robert MORRISON. Recorded in Gallatin County, IL on 7/30/1821 by J. M. STREET. (Handed in by SAMPSON about 5'11" tall and age 28.)
Milledgeville, GA, Baldwin Co., Feb. 1, 1819. "We do hereby certify that we have known a free man of color by the name of OBEDIAH MIFLIN several years as a boat hand and since that time he had conducted himself honestly and faithfully to his work. Signed: William BARROW, Jacob BARROW, Thos. B. STUBBS, Thompson BIRD, William H. CRENSHAW, and Henry DARNELL." Georgia, Baldwin County: duly recorded in the clerk's office of the Superior Court Book "F" Folio 267 and 268 this 2nd day of Feb. 1819. Signed by Thomas H. KEMAN, Clerk.
     State of Tennessee, Knox Co.: The foregoing certificate is recorded and in the clerk' s office of the County Court of Knox Co., and truly copied therefrom. Given under my hand the 10th day of Aug. 1819. Signed: Wm. SWAN, Clerk.
     State of Kentucky, Fayette County: Dec. 8, 1819 the foregoing certificate was this day produced to me, the clerk of said County, and the same with the names thereto signed is truly recorded in my office . Signed: J. C. RODES, Clerk Fayette County. Recorded in Book "F", p. 99. Examined att. J. C. RODES, Clerk.
     Recorded in my office in Evansville, Indiana in Book "A", p. 161 this 11th day May 1820 and signed J. ZIMMERMAN, DRVC.
     The foregoing was produced to me in my office on the 1st day March 1821 by a man of color named OBEDIAH MIFLIN, light colored Negro about 27 or 28 years of age , about 5'4" high, well set. To be entered of record agreeably to law. Signed Jos. M. STREET, Clerk Circuit Court.
Arthur J. JONES, a free man of color plans to travel in the West and requested a statement as to character, etc . He was certified of good character, having lived on Frontier during last war (1812) and suffered considerably from Indians. Dated 31 Jan. 1819. Signed Ed. N. CULLOW, J.P., Palestine, State of Illinois.
State of Illinois , Gallatin County, Samuel R. CAMPBELL of Mullenburg, KY, with CORNELIUS, a colored man who was willed to him by his father William CAMPBELL, to be freed at age 30 years. CORNELIUS reached the age of 30 years on the 10th of this month and is now free. Signed: Samuel R. CAMPBELL and sworn and subscribed before me this 3 day of April, 1821. Signed: John MARSHALL, J. P. Gallatin County, Illinois.
State of Illinois , Gallatin County. Samuel R. CAMPBELL stated that JACOB, a man of color received by last will and testament of Wm. CAMPBELL, to receive his freedom at age of 30 years of Muhlenburg Co., KY. He will soon be age 30 and be entitled to his freedom. Signed: Sam'l R. CAMPBELL and sworn and subscribed before me this 30th day of April 1821. Signed: Jno. MARSHALL, J.P. Recorded 5/10/1821 by J.M. STREET.
I, SAMUEL (SAM) FORD, an African born freeman of color of Gallatin Co., IL, did purchase of Ephraim HUBBARD of Shawneetown and State of Illinois a woman of color named NELLY, age about 40 years . She is now free. Signed by Samuel FORD. Sworn before me Jan. 8 , 1825, signed J.M. STREET.
Samuel FORD appeared manumitting NELLY, woman of color . Dated 1/12/1825. Signed Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP. We, the undersigned, certify that Sam FORD did purchase NELLY (his wife) from E. HUBBARD, and they have lived as man and wife in a reputable, honest, prudent and industrious manner. Signed: M.L. DAVEWORT, JP; Jno. MARSHALL, J.P.
State of Illinois, County of Gallatin. I, Thomas L. POSEY, Clerk of County Commissioners, certify that JOHN CHOSIER has entered this date a Negro child named MARY, born of an indentured woman named NANCY, in conformance with the Section of the State, #6 of the constitution. Dated April 27, 1827. Thomas L. POSEY, Clerk.
I, Martha PRATER of Gallatin County, Illinois bind myself for $23,000. penal sum for surety of 23 emancipated slaves to the County Commissioners. Wit: H. EDDY, and D. VINYARD. Signed by X Martha PROCTOR. Commissioners: Charles MICK, John SHEARER and Andrew SLACK or their successors.
I, Martha PRATER of Gallatin County, Illinois, to carry out the will of my late husband, Price PRATER of the State of South Carolina and of my own will do emancipate the following Negro slaves:
LUCY, about 35 years of age and her 9 children: (1) CUBA, about age 20 years, (2) MALINDA, about age 19 years, (3) NOAH, about age 16 years, (4) POLLY, about age 14 years, (5) PATSY, about age 12 years, (6) LIZZA, about age 10 years, (7) HARRIET, age about 7 years, (8) DOCIA, age about 5 years, and (9) LUCINDA, age about 2 years.
REBECCA, about age 33 years and her 7 children: (1) BETSY, about age 15 years, (2) ANNA, about age 13 years, (3) HERCULES, age about 13 years, (4) MARTHA, about age 9 years, (5) ELIAS, about age 7 years, (6) ZACHARIAH, about age 5 years, and (7) BECCA, about age 1 year. 
JACK (or JOHN) about age 28 years and daughter ELSY ANN, age about 1 year. 
JESSEE, age about 21 years.
JOHNSON, age about 18 years. 
SPENCER, age about 15 years.
Dated 20 Feb. 1827. Wit: Daniel VINYARD. State of Illinois, Gallatin County. A statement of action before Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP dated Feb. 7, 1827. Recorded May 25, 1827 by Thos. L. POSEY, Clerk by D.H. CAMPBELL, D. Clerk.
Joseph STREET of Gallatin County, IL , makes statement re: Grace CLARK, a Negro woman, light complection, 4' 6" height, age about 44 years, scar on arm and temple. Samuel CLARK came to clerk' s office to make a statement re: Negroes under the age of 15 years as per law and indicated that GRACE was to be free. This was later agreed to as his intention by wife and neighbor. GRACE has remained at Wabash-Saline in Gallatin County, IL before and since Mr . CLARK's death. She has good reputation and is now living at residence of Timothy GUARD. Dated 3 Sept. 1825. Jos. M. STKEET. Grace CLARK has two children born since her title to freedom (Constitution 1818): (1) MILETHNA, born Aug. 1821, and (2) MAY, born in May, 1824. Children now living with mother and entered as per law. Signed: J.M. STREET. (Fall of 1825) The undersigned know GRACE CLARK residing at T. GUARD's Salt Works. Signed: Henry BELT, Michael JONES, Robert R. FUNKHOUSER and Reuben YOUNG. The foregoing was recorded 11/17/1825 by Joseph M. STREET. Note: Leo WHITE recorded the same on 11/1/1827 as he was unable to find the record of Joseph M. STREET of Gallatin County, Illinois.
William MCCOY of Gallatin County, Illinois , does manumit and free a mulatto girl ESTER, age about 23 years. Dated 11/21/1826. Sworn before Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP.
Martin BARKER, a man of color produced the following papers to be admitted to the record of 11 Nov. 1827, Randolph County, state of Illinois. (summary) Martin BARKER, a man of color was brought in by Wm. C. GREENUP, Esq. as a runaway slave, as he had no papers proving he was a free man, although he claimed to be free. He said his freedom papers had been forcibly taken from him at Rocking Cave on the Ohio River. Since he had no papers, he was committed to the sheriff' s custody as per state law of 3/20/1819. Dated 12/11/1826. M. HOTCHKISS, JP.
     Affidavits made in Dearborn Co., Indiana by the following were submitted: Jacob BLASDELL, Sr, and Jacob BLASDELL, Jr.; also James DILL, stating that the courthouse records had burned in Dearborn County, Indiana and no copies of the papers of Martin BARKER could be submitted showing that he was a free man.
     Martin BARKER was supposed to be about age 40, 5' 6'' tall, middle-sized, scars on face, and was hired by the BLASDELLS who were manufacturers of salt at the U.S. Saline below the Wabash River. He worked there in 1808 and 1809 with the consent of his master, Lewis BARKER, who lived at Rocking Cave and received the money earned by Martin BARKER. James ESTILL swore in Dearborn Co., Indiana that John ROBINSON of Missouri sold said Martin BARKER to Isaac VANBIBER as a slave. Later the two BLASDELLS were in Missouri working the lead mines, and again Lewis BARKER hired out Martin BARKER to work for the BLASDELLS. This was in 1810. Lewis BARKER asked the BLASDELLS to give security amounting to about $400 for Martin BARKER. This was the amount agreed upon at one time between the slave and his master for his freedom. BLASDELL refused and Lewis BARKER took Martin BARKER away in chains forcibly. Some time in 1813 the BLASDELLS were called upon to give details of the foregoing facts. James DILL states he as recorder of Dearborn Co., Indiana, gave the said Martin BARKER a copy of his freedom papers as required by law, and that due to the fire he is unable to give a transcript of papers at this time.
2/17/1817. Jonathan RAMSEY sets free from this date a Negro woman named JUDE. The deed of emancipation acknowledged in Court at February term, 1817 in Livingston County, KY; recorded in Book "C", p. 249. Test.: Enoch PRINCE, Clerk; received 12/3/1827 in Gallatin Co., IL and certified that the copy was a true copy.
State of Illinois, Gallatin County. "The bearer Henry BROADY, a dark mulatto about age 26 years is to work on a flat boat descending the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to Natchez or New Orleans. He has lived here 10 years and I have no doubt he is a free man. Respected as such and seems honest and industrious." Signed Jno. MARSHALL, Alex. KIRKPATRICK and Samuel MARSHALL. Dated Shawneetown, IL 2/19/1824. Henry BROADY was brought to the Saline by Jonathan BROADY (said to be an uncle), a free colored man in 1811 to my knowledge. Dated 11/28/1827. Signed by Leo'd White.
Francis PORTER of Butler Co., KY, emancipates BOBB on 7/18/1816. Papers reviewed and ordered recorded by Court as certified by Robert MORRISON, Clerk of Butler Co., KY on 7/18/1816.
(This article is the first of four articles to appear in the ISGS QUARTERLY during 1978 and will continue with the Emancipation of Slaves and Affidavits.)
Acknowledgement: A big thank you to ISGS members Howard Manthei and Thomas MacEntee for scanning and transcribing this ISGS Quarterly article.
Source CitationMr. and Mrs. H. Obert Anderson, "Register of Slaves (Indentures) and Emancipation of Slaves,"  Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 1 (Spring 1978), 4-7.
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