The following article was first published in the ISGS Quarterly, Volume 10, Number 3, p. 127-135, Fall 1978.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Obert Anderson, Ridgway, Illinois 62979
This is the third in a series of articles dealing with slaves in Gallatin County, Illinois. The records were found in the Gallatin County Clerk's office at the Courthouse in Shawneetown, Illinois in a very old book which is not indexed, but which has numbered pages. Fully one half of the slaves had not been residents of Illinois prior to their freedom, but were brought by their masters from Tennessee, South Carolina, etc. to be freed. Each record has been summarized. If anyone desires a complete record, a certified copy may be obtained by writing Ralph Colbert, County Clerk of Gallatin County, Illinois, Courthouse, Shawneetown, IL 62984. The cost of each certified copy of each record is $3.00, and $1.00 per page in excess of three pages. It is imperative that the page numbers be given which are to be copied. Otherwise, the request will not be honored, as the employees of the Clerk's Office do not have the time to search through the records. Please also include the date and names of the parties concerned in the record, and remember that often the slave was listed only by a given name. The first article covered pp. 27-96, and appeared in Vol. X, No. 1, Spring 1978; the second article covered pp. 96-120 and appeared in Vol. X, No. 2, Summer 1978 issues of the ISGS QUARTERLY.
p. 120.      
Gallatin Co., Illinois, Moses M. DONALDSON made oath that Jesse DAY was born free in Person County, North Carolina, dated 11/25/1828. Recorded by L. WHITE, clk. and certificate was issued Feb. 26, 1829.
p. 121.      
Edward MAXWELL of Caldwell County, Kentucky, sold for the sum of $280 to Samuel CALDWELL, a Negro woman named SUSANNA. The said woman was the wife of Samuel CALDWELL. July 26, 1819. Teste: Isaac HICKS and Joseph DINKLER. Recorded Feb. 27, 1829.
p. 121-2.      
Giles County Court, May term, 1824, State of Tennessee. Sina DAY (wife of Jesse DAY) formerly Sinah JONES, a mulatto woman now residing in the town of Pulaski, was born free, and certificate of freedom is issued by order of Court. German LISTER, clerk of said Court issued certificate and recorded same, May 31, 1824. Signed by G. LISTER, Clerk. Sina DAY enters her children: (1) ARENNA, age 17 years, light complexion, etc., (2) NANCY, age 15 years, dark, almost black, (3) JOHN, age 13 years, (4) WILSON, age 8 years, light color, (5) ELIZABETH, age 6 years.
pp. 123-124.      
George S. LATIMER to fulfill the desire of Joshua HADLEY and of his own will emancipates slaves bought November 12, 1828: (1) SYLVIA, about age 53, light complexion, 5'7" tall, neat appearance, rather large. (2) STEPHEN, about age 46 years, medium complexion, 5'7" tall, scar on inner corner of left eye and same in other eye, we1 1 made and erect. (3) PHILL, age about 39, 5'10" tall, large scar (burn) on right hand, light complexion, long face, erect. (4) CATHERINE, age about 16 years, 5'4" tall, scar between eyes and one on right cheek, light complexion. Bond given and sealed. Witness: Willis HARGRAVE, dated April 24, 1829; certificate issued and recorded by James CALDWELL, Clerk Apri3 24, 1829.
p. 125.      
John CHOISSER enters male child born of indentured parents: NANCY (mother) a yellow woman belonging to him and JAMES (father) a yellow man belonging to Benjamin WHITE: said child of yellow complexion, named LEONN and born February 11, 1829.
pp. 125-126.      
Timothy GUARD of Gallatin County, Illinois, having purchased CORNELIUS, age about 28 years of John ELLIOTT of Murray County, Tennessee for $1000 in March 1819 for the sum of $1000 paid me. I declare said CORNELIUS having lived from March 1819 to August 4, 1821 in Illinois and in consideration of same payment do free CORNELIUS; certified by John MARSHALL; recorded September 9, 1829 by L. WHITE, Clerk.
p. 127.      
Gallatin County, Illinois, September 18, 1829, Benjamin TALBOTT emancipates GRUFF(?), a Negro man, 5'10" tall, age about 40 years, black complexion; Isaac COOPER, Clerk
p. 127.      
Gallatin County, Illinois, Nancy VINSON attested: Sally ELLIOTT, a yellow woman, 19 years of age on the 14th of October next, 5'5" tall, scar on right side of chin, scar near outer corner of right eye, and mole on left side upper lip, was born free in Union County, Kentucky; attested September 9, 1829; recorded by L. WHITE, Clerk, same date.
p. 128.      
Alexander STEWART and Cuby STEWART, nee PRATHER, a colored woman emancipated by Norman PRATHER enters: William Jackson STEWART as free born on the 2nd day of September 1829.
p. 128.      
Alexander KIRKPATRICK, owner of RACHEL, purchased of James HOOPER of Union County, Kentucky, on October 31, 1829 emancipated said Rachel BYRD, who is about age 40 years, 5'4" tall, light complexion and scar on right cheek. Attested and witnessed, Leo'd WHITE, JP, recorded November 14, 1829.
p. 129.      
We: Samuel McCLINTOC, Samuel HARGRAVE, and Marmaduke S. DAVENPORT certify we have known a colored woman by name of Clara ROBERTSON who has passed as a free woman and her children as born free. Among them: JAMES, now about age 31 years, 6' tall, stout, dark mulatto. Received and recorded and attested 17 February 1830.
p. 130.      
John CRENSHAW enters NANCY JANE, a Negro child born October 1829 of CHARLES & MARIAH, indentured servants; recorded April 20, 1830.
p. 130.      
William DAVIS of Butler County, Kentucky, emancipates DAVID, age about 45 years dated September 4, 1829. Witnesses: Josiah WADE, William L. SKILLERN, F.D. PORTER, Robert B. DAVIS; October term court 1829; attested and recorded Oct. 11, 1829, Robert MORRIS, Clerk of Butler County, Commonwealth of Kentucky.
p. 131.      
John STEEL, administrator of estate of John STEEL, deceased, of Montgomery County, Tennessee, emancipates SAM, age about 40 years. Dated July 10, 1830; attested and recorded same date by L. WHITE, Clerk.
p. 131.      
Shawneetown, Illinois, 21 June 1830. I relinquish all claims to services of SUCKEY, a woman of color, etc. Signed John MARSHALL, recorded October 16, 1830.
p. 132.      
Gallatin County, Illinois; Marmaduke S. DAVENPORT and Simon M. HUBBARD attested that NANCY, a Negro woman, was brought to this state in 1813 or 1814 by Ephram HUBBARD as his servant until his death in 1828. In view of residence in state and according to law, she is considered free. Attested: November 13, 1830 by L. WHITE, JP.
pp. 132-3.      
John BLUE of Union County, Kentucky, in consideration of service and $250 paid to him, emancipates MILLY, age about 48 years, of low stature, scar on right waist. Dated Nov. 6, 1830 at Shawneetown, Illinois, attested and recorded Dec. 16, 1830.
p. 133.      
John CHOISER enters WINTOP, the Negro son of NANCY and JAMES, people of color, February 24, 1831.
p. 133.      
Jeptha HARDIN enters QUEEN, the daughter of MARY, a woman of color, born Nov.15,1830.
p. 134.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. Delilah HARRIS swears that she has known Reddick MITCHELL, about 26 years of age, a man of color, since his birth and that his mother was free, therefore Reddick MITCHELL was born free. Dated Feb. 2, 1831, James FERGUSON, JP. Recorded March 1, 1831 at Equality, Illinois by J. CALDWELL, Clerk.
p. 134.      
Eve CLARK, formerly Eve DAVIS, a free woman of color, enters: (1) MARY JANE, born October 15, 1827, and (2) MINTY ANN, born Jan. 24, 1829. Recorded June 18, 1831.
p. 135.      
White County, IL. James RATCLIFF, clerk of Circuit Court, certifies that KIAH BRAUDERS, man of color, has resided with him in Illinois for about 13 years. A blacksmith by trade and a native of Washington County, VA, he is a free man according to papers deposited with me and asks for this to travel around and in Indiana. Seal of court at Carmi, IL Aug. 31, 1826. Recorded in Edwards Co., IL by Clerk J.O. WATTLES. Certificate of freedom of KIAH BRAUDERS received and filled in Gallatin Co., Illinois on August 22, 1831.
p. 136.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. Thomas FIELD of Davies County, Kentucky certifies that he has known a colored woman now residing in Gallatin County, Illinois, by the name of EVE (22 years of age, above average size and of light color) as the daughter of JANE, a servant of Captain Benjamin FIELD of Davies County, Kentucky, who was freed by him and that JANE is now the wife of Ishaa DAVIS (formerly a servant of Baxter DAVIS). EVE is now the wife of Mattison CLARK, belonging to Nancy CLARK, of state of Missouri, and Captain Benjamin FIELD had freed EVE. Dated October 10, 1831, A. REDMANS, JP. Certificate of freedom recorded October 10, 1831.
June 6, 1825. "We have known G.B. ROBINSON several years before and after manhood as a free man. His mother, CLARY ROBINSON, resided several years near Shawneetown as a free woman." Signed by the following: Joseph M. STREET, Clerk; H. BOYER, Sheriff; Ed CASEDY: S.M. HAMTRAUCK; H.T. SLOO; John MILLNER; S.D. READY; Jno. R. SLOO; J.S. CALDWELL; Thos. F. VAUGHT; P. REDMAN; W.A.G. POSEY; John SEEBOLT; John CALDWELL; Ralph HALL; Sam'l SEATON; Andy LAUGHLIN; W.A. DOCKER; Isaac COOPER; Sam'l MARSHALL; Thos. C. BROWN, justice of the Supreme Court of Illinois; Moses M. RAWLING; Robert PEEPLES. Certificate issued June 7, 1825 by J. STREET, Clerk of the court. Greenberry ROBINSON 'S certificate of freedom recorded April 6, 1832.
Shawneetown, Illinois, May 17, 1832. Curtis WOOD of Claiborne County, Mississippi, in consideration of many years of faithful service, made promises to MARY ANN (age 24 years and black) that she and her mulatto children, SARAH ANN (age 5) and EMILY ANN (age 4) are free. Teste: Henry EDDY.
pp. 139-140.      
Shawneetown, Illinois, May 19, 1832. Benjamin MOORE and wife POLLY, in consideration of years of service and $1 in hand, free DICK (about age 40 and 6' tall), who was raised by my wife's family. Signed by B. & P. MOORE; witnessed by H. EDDY and John ROHRER.
pp. 140-141.      
By the last will of Samuel R. CAMPBELL in Gallatin County, Illinois, he willed a Negro boy named CHARLES to his three sisters: Tabitha McLEAN, Nancy WING, and Mary B. BRANK until said CHARLES is 30 years of age, and then he will be free. Abney McLEAN (executor of will) certifies that he is age 30 years and free. Dated June 28, 1831; attest: John SIDDAL; Leo'd WHITE, Clerk of county; July 2, 1832.
p. 141.      
Timothy GUARD for $550 conveys title to Cornelius ELLIOTT for AARON, brother of Gall and Neil ELLIOTT this 22nd March 1827. Test: Mummery BAILY and J. HAYES.
p. 142.      
Cornelius ELLIOTT of Gallatin County, Illinois, frees Aaron ELLIOTT, as he has paid me fully. Dated July 14, 1832. Test: to Leo'd WHITE, Clerk at Equality this 14th day of July 1832.
pp. 142-151.      
A transcript of the record of freedom of V. DAVENPORT. State of Louisiana, Parish Court for the Parish City of New Orleans. Petition filed July 15, 1831, #6080. Venus DAVENPORT vs. Samuel DIXON, to Judge James PILOT of above court. VENUS was born in slavery in the Carolinas and then brought to Kentucky, and was then taken by John STANLEY, her master, to Shawneetown, Illinois, where she lived 21 years and by law has become free; nevertheless, she is detained in custody of Samuel D. DIXON, a resident of this city; requests freedom and wages for service. Signed by Merius J. KENNEDY, Attorney for plaintiff. Emanuel ENSMINGER of Gallatin County, Illinois, has known Venus DAVENPORT for 22 years: 3 years as employed by John RAYBURN in Shawneetown, 8 years as employed by John RAYBURN in Kentucky, 5 years as employed by Adrian DAVENPORT, son-in-law of John RAYBURN, Shawneetown, Illinois. Sworn to by Emanuel ENSMINGER July 14, 1831 before J. OLLIE, Clerk.
p. 144.      
Judge PILOT on July 15, 1831 ordered VENUS in custody of sheriff and her wages collected. Citations to S.D. DIXON on same date by the judge.
p. 145.      
An answer filed July 25, 1831 for DIXON by George T. HEARSEY, attorney for defendant. Order on the minutes: Isaac T. PRESTON (council for plaintiff) moved that J. BIRMSDEZ, Associate Justice of the Court of Clty of New Orleans take testimony of ENSMINGER, who was leaving the city. Testimony taken and filed May 9, 1832.
p. 146.      
Venus DAVENPORT taken to Illinois by John STANLEY where she was sold to John RAYBURN, who set her free by indenture and security bond. She remained with the RAYBURNS until their deaths. DAVENPORT brought her back to Illinois and was there when witness left in November of 1830. He next saw her in New Orleans and was informed she had been sold to S. DIXON of that city. Document "A". defendants: Affidavit of Adrian DAVENPORT and David LASH of Union County, Kentucky: they knew plaintiff 2 years as property of James BLUE. Sworn to before Daniel McKENNY of Union County, Kentucky, Justice. Dated March 9, 1830.
pp. 147-148.      
Document "B". James BLUE of Caldwell County, Kentucky, states he sold to Samuel D. DIXON of City of New Orleans one Negro woman, named VENUS, age about 35 years for $225. Sworn to on March 17, 1830 and signed by BLUE. Witness: Elliott' KERNEY. Trial was held June 18, 1832.
p. 149.      
The judgement was in favor of the plaintiff; she was freed and wages ordered paid. Signed by Charles MARRIAN, Judge, June 23, 1832.
Certification of case, recorded in Gallatin County, Illinois July 19, 1832.
p. 151.      
Wake County, North Carolina. Zachariah TAYBON (TAYLOR) and his wife LIDDY were born and raised in this county, and they are free persons, dated August 21, 1826 and sworn to by Thomas ROYCROFT, JP.; Daniel G. RENCHER, JP; Joseph SCOTT, JP; Att. to above justices by Benjamin L. KING, Clerk of Court of Pleas.
pp. 152-3.      
Bracken County, Kentucky and Town of Augusta. Routt and William PUTMAN came before William Field NIMROD on September 6, 1819 and swore to the indenture of Robert LEWIS by George ROSE, and that said LEWIS is now free. Witness: John PAYNE. Approved August 5, 1832 by John PAYNE, Clerk of County.
p. 153.      
Vina ROBINSON, daughter of Clara ROBINSON, a free woman of color, enters her son, JAMES, born in Shawneetown on May 5, 1816. Dated March 1, 1832, Leo'd WHITE, Clerk. Recorded May 8, 1833.
pp. 154-5.      
March 1, 1827. An agreement between Washington RYBURN of Springfield, Tennessee and Jessee EYBURN (a man of color in Gallatin County, Illinois) for the sum of $500 to be paid in annual payments of $100 due on March 1, will give freedom. Witnesses: John SIDDALL and Timothy GUARD. Receipt of moneys. Received December 26, 1831 of Timothy GUARD $100 as final payment. I hereby certify that Jessee RYBURN is free. Witness: Julius F. JUSTIS (his mark).
pp. 155-6.      
Joseph HAYES and John SIDDALL received $150 which was paid by Alexander KIRKPATRICK and Henry EDDY, and set free John MORRIS, whose services were sold to us by Ephriam HUBBARD in his lifetime. Dated February 24, 1830. Witness: Henry EDDY. Certificate issued April 16, 1833 by L. WHITE, Clerk of Circuit Court.
p. 156.      
August 27, 1833. Abby McALLISTER, freed by last will and testament of John McALLISTER, which was recorded in this book, also records the births of the following children: JOURDON, age 5 years on next December 25; ELIZABETH, age 3 years on November 15th next; SUSAN, age 1 year on next December 1st; all born in this county. L. WHITE, Clerk.
pp. 156-7.      
Edwin SHELBY, a black man aged about 35, was sold to me (Michael JONES) in payment of a debt owed by Alfred SHELBY. After about 10 years of service I am satisfied regarding the amount due and do free Edwin SHELBY. Witness: H. EDDY, dated August 19, 1833; certificate dated August 19, 1833.
p. 158.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. Joshua P. BARNETT(BARRETT) formerly of Ohio County, Kentucky, owns JOHN (WATSON) by right of inheritance from my father. I hereby do free JOHN (age 41 years) this September 14, 1833. Attest and certified September 14, 1833 at Equality, Illinois by L. WHITE, Clerk.
p. 159.      
John CHOISSER enters a colored boy (JAMES) son of NANCY, an indentured woman, born April 27, 1833. Dated September 27, 1833. L. WHITE, Clerk.
pp. 159-160.      
October 10, 1833. Nancy HUBBARD enters her children, all born in Gallatin Co., Illinois: John HUBBARD, born March 16, 1817; Andrew HUBBARD, born December 4, 1820; Ann Eliza HUBBARD, born November 25, 1823; Alexander HUBBARD, born October 1 ,1826; Isabella HUBBARD, born October 17, 1829; Elizabeth HUBBARD, born June 20, 1832. Agreement October 10, 1833: Nancy HUBBARD agrees with Joseph T. HEFFORD to let JOHN and ANN ELIZA go with HEFFORD to New Orleans and serve him until the boy reaches 21 years of age when the children will be returned to Shawneetown. Attest: October 10, 1833, L. WHITE, Clerk of County.
pp. 160-161.      
Margaret BRYAN swears she was acquainted with Patty HEDSPETH in Wake County, North Carolina and that PATTY is the mother of Kimber TAYBURN and was known to be a free woman and that TAYBURN was born free in Wake County, North Carolina. Both came to Gallatin County, Illinois some 5 or 6 years ago. Attest: Isaac N. BAKER, JP, October 29, 1832; recorded October 25, 1833.
pp. 161-162.      
John CHOISSER of Gallatin County, Illinois sold to Robert PORTER (a black man of Saline Twp., Gallatin Co., IL) a Negro girl, AMY (about age 24 years) for the sum of $200 this January 15, 1826. Test: Mathew HENIKEN, signed by John CHOISSER. Robert PORTER having purchased AMY from John CHOISSER January 16, 1826 sets her free. She has resided in Illinois since 1821. Recorded November 13, 1833. L. WHITE, Clerk.
p. 162.      
Timothy GUARD, born to EMILY, Adm. De Bon. Non of Samuel CLARK, dec. enters a male child (JOE) a woman of color, born in this county sometime in 1832.
p. 162.      
State of Mississippi, County of Hines, December 16, 1830. David B. SCARBOUGH of Yazoo County, Mississippi sells to Jesse CHEEK and William ROBINSON of Warren Co., Mississippi for $500 THOMAS, a Negro man. Witnesses: V.C. HICK and Wm. P. ALSTON.
p. 163.      
State of Mississippi, Hines County, June 21, 1833. L. VANANDEL sells to William ROBINSON a girl, HENRIETTA, for $400.
pp. 164-1 65.      
William ROBINSON of Hines County, Mississippi, having purchased ROSE and HENRIETTA from Lucas VANAEEL do free HENRIETTA this 21 March 1834, having been repaid the purchase price. Witness: Henry EDDY. William ROBINSON, proven by Thomas L. POSEY, do attest freedom, etc.
p. 163.      
Cayuga, Claiborne County, Mississippi, March 6, 1834. E. W. HARRING for sum of $100 sells to William ROBINSON a Negro woman named ROSE, about age 32 years and her child, MARY JANE, age about 4 years. Witnesses: C.H. VANTINE and Samuel HUTCHENS.
pp. 165-166.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. Having purchased from B.D. SCARBORD a man child, THOMAS, and sold same to L. VANAEEL, and having purchased THOMAS from VANARSDEL, I now free him as he has paid purchase price. March 24, 1834. Signed: William ROBINSON. Seal and attested of above by Thomas F. VAUGHT, JP., Gallatin Co., IL.
p. 166.      
William ROBINSON purchased from Elizer W. HARING of Claybourn County, Mississippi, a woman named ROSE, and her child named MARY JANE, does free them. March 24, 1834.
pages 167 and 168 are torn out of book.
p. 169.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. In the March term of County Commissioners Court of Gallatin County, 1834 George SHOCKLEY, a free man of color, produced bond which was endorsed by Jacob KITTLE, Robert WEST, William D. CLARY and John B. WILSON of amount of $1000 and is now entitled to residence. Dated March 4, 1834 at Equality, IL; recorded April 5, 1834 by James CALDWELL, Clerk.
p. 170.      
Transcript of registry of Charles ADAMS, about 20 years of age; entered March 19, 1814 by Conrod WILL from Maryland--length of service 20 years. The above is a true copy as of June 27, 1832, by James HUGHS, Clerk, Randolph County Court at Kaskaskia, Illinois; recorded.Apri1 27, 1834.
p. 171.      
Ninian EDWARDS pledges to CHARLES and MARIA (the wife) that he will free MARIA if they continue to conduct themselves well at the time of CHARLES ' freedom, which will be in 1834. Dated March 4, 1818. Test: Amos RERVES, Randolph Co., IL. Certified the above copy of pledge to CHARLES and Maria ADAMS, so attest this June 7, 1832. Seal of Court, Kaskaskia City, signed by James HUGHES.
p. 172.      
Isaiah POTTS of Gallatin County, Illinois, for faithful services, also gives evidence that AILSY, a Negro woman, is and always has been free without any claim on her services. Witnesses: Henry EDDY and J.H. HEROD. Attest to deed of manumission by H. EDDY, signed June 26, 1834 at Equality, Illinois by L. WHITE.
p. 173 is missing. Orange County, North Carolina. I,John TAYLOR, Clerk of Orange County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, do hereby certify that William H. HALL is a Qualified Justice of the Peace. Dated October 1, 1832, J. TAYLOR, Clerk.
p. 174.      
October 1, 1832. Samuel MITCHELL came requesting a statement that he is a free man of color. William H. HALL, Jr. certifies that he has known him and Joel MITCHELL and wife (his parents) and that they are free. Recorded June 1, 1835 in Gallatin County, Illinois.
p. 175.      
Circuit Court, Johnson County, Illinois, November term 1834. William BANYARD, a man of color, produced a certificate of sheriff of Johnson County, Illinois showing said WillIam BANYARD had been kept as a runaway slave for one year according to law, and no claim had been made in response to advertisements. So, according to 2nd section regarding free negroes and Mulattoes Act as of January 19, 1829, William BANYARD is a free man unless claimed at a later date by a legal proper owner. Certified December 9, 1834 by John McINTIRE, Clerk. Certified by Thomas C. BROWN, Justice of Supreme Court of Illinois that John McINTIRE was clerk of said court and forms are by him.
p. 176.      
Timothy GUARD swore that Ailsey DIGGS, Negro woman, purchased as a slave some 20 years ago, is not obligated to serve him in any way, and as she was living in Illinois prior to the General Assembly Act of January 17, 1829 Is free and a citizen of Illinois. Certified by L. WHITE, Clerk of Gallatin County, Illinois.
p. 177.      
August 28, 1825. Henry EDDY of Shawneetown, Illinois, having purchased TIM, a Negro man about age 50 years from Solomon BLUE of Union County, Kentucky for good cause, frees TIM as of this date. Certified by L. WHITE, Clerk.
pp. 177-8.      
September 8, 1835. Harrison WILSON certifies that PRUCEY, daughter of OLD LYNA (who lived in Shawneetown, a woman of color) known by me since 1812 or 1813, and were "free." And that PRUCEY, who has been living with the family of old Thomas SLOO, is the daughter of LYNA. Certified by Thos. VAUGHT, JP. Recorded Sept. 10, 1835.
p. 178.      
September 21, 1835. Jepthat HARDIN enters a Negro child, GEORGE, the son of DILSEY, born April 10, 1835.
p. 178.      
November 5, 1835. Philip THOMPSON of Davies County, Kentucky, has sold to Osborn BENTLY, a free man of color, for $500, a 14-year-old Negro boy named WARREN, signed and sealed November 5, 1835. Witness: Thomas MOSELY, Esq.
p. 179.      
No date. CAROLINE, born May 15, 1827, the daughter of REBECCA, emancipated February 7, 1827 by Martha PORTER as recorded on p. 444 of the ORDER BOOK that date.
p. 179.      
No date. BETSY, emancipated at the same time (Feb. 7, 1827) married to JOE CALDWELL enters her children: (1) LORENZO born May 4, 1831, (2) REBECCA born Jan. 8, 1833, (3) BETSY ANN born January 6, 1835.
p. 180.      
No date. LUCY, emancipated by Martha PORTER on February 7, 1827, enters her children: JAMES, born March 10, 1829, and JOHN, born July 3, 1831.
pp. 180-1.      
Gallatin County, IL, no date. Henry EDDY states that NELLIE, a black woman about 40 years old was brought to this county about 3 years ago by James LYNCH and the brothers and sisters of James LYNCH, and according to the wishes of their father (the LYNCHS) who died in Mississippi, NELLIE was to be freed. James LYNCH, not being 18 years old, could not execute a legal bond for NELLIE for her good behavior, so no steps were taken by Henry EDDY, JP. Ephraim H. GATEWOOD states that the said NELLIE has worked for him during the past 3 years and that the same James LYNCH used a horse of his to go to Equality to secure said NELLIE'S freedom and that NELLIE had often spoken of her master's wish to give her her freedom. The said James LYNCH had departed this county two years ago. Certified of EDDY and GATEWOOD statements. Signed by Samuel D. MARSHALL, Notary Public.
June 27, 1835. Gallatin County, Illinois. MOSES, age about 23 years, born in Virginia, has paid and agrees to pay for his freedom. I regard him to be honest and of good conduct, and I hereby set him free. Signed Adam S. HENSHAW, certified by Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP on June 27, 1835.
p. 183.      
Gallatin County, Illinois, August 11, 1836. John SIDDALL, owner by purchase from Alexander McLAUGHLIN in 1824 of ARON (a Negro man about 32 years of age) in consideration of services and other things I now free ARON. Certified and recorded the same date by L. WHITE, Clerk.
p. 184.      
August 3, 1836. Willis HARGRAVE of Gallatin County, Illinois, having been the owner of WILLIAM (BILL) now age 50 years or more, for services I now free WILLIAM. Signed by W. HARGRAVE and certified by L. WHITE, Clerk of Circuit Court in Gallatin County, Illinois. Dated August 13, 1836.
pp. 183-4.      
October 7, 1836, Gallatin County, Illinois. Moses THOMPSON and Shadrack FINN of this county state they know AILSY (a Negro woman) and MARY, her daughter, now in her 17th year. Both of whom have resided with Isaiah POTTS of this county for many years. Signed by THOMPSON and FINN, L. WHITE, Clerk of Circuit Court of County. I further certify said AILSY resided in Illinois Territory and never indentured since statehood and therefore MARY (having become the wife of Offey HAMMONS) was born free. Dated August 7, 1836 and signed by L. WHITE, Clerk of Court.
p. 183.      
Mary HAMMONS, a free woman of color, enters her girl born January 8, 1836 this October 7, 1836. No name listed.
Note: pages 183 and 184 have been repeated in the book. David and Marlah COOPER enter the following children: (1) PATSY, now married to John DIMREY In her 22nd year, (2) WILLIAM in his 21st year, (3) DANIEL in his 18th year, (4) BETSY in her 17th year, (5) JAMES in his 15th year, (6) SARAH in her 13th year, (7) NANCY in her 11th year, (8) JOHN in his 9th year, (9) THOMAS in hls 8th year, (10) SUSANA in her 6th year, (11) Twins ADAM and WESLEY in their 4th year, (13) MARIA in her 3rd year.
p. 184.      
October 21, 1836. Wilson SANDERLIN of Gallatin County, Illinois and lately of Shelby County, Tennessee sets free this date the following mulatto children: (1) HOLLAND MONROE, boy aged 9 years; (2) LOUISIANA, girl aged 9 years; (3) INDIANA, girl aged 6 years, 6 months; (4) ANDREW JACKSON, boy aged 5 years, 3 months; (5) EDWIN JOHNSON, boy aged 4 years. These are children of CANDIS, a yellow woman now owned by me in Shelby County, Tennessee. Witness: Wm. S. GATEWOOD. Certified at Equality, Illinois, October 21, 1836 by Moses THOMPSON, JP.
pp. 186-7.      
Wilson SANDERLIN (same as above) on this date sets free the following mulatto children: (1) WILLIAM CARROL, boy age 7 years; (2) CLARINDA, girl, age 5 years; (3) ELIZA ANN, girl age 4 years; (4) FRANCIS ANN, girl age 15 months; these being the children of ESTHER, a black woman owned by me in Shelby County, Tennessee. Witness: Wm. S. GATEWOOD; certified October 21, 1836, Moses THOMPSON, JP.
pp. 187-8-9.      
State of Illinois, Johnson County, January 19, 1833. William STAFFORD, late of Jackson County, Tennessee and now of Johnson County, Illinois, frees TOM, age about 35 years, whom he purchased from William WILSON of Jackson County, Tennessee. Certification, etc. recorded in Gallatin County, Illinois October 27, 1836.
pp. 189-191.       Johnson Co., IL, Jan. 19, 1833. William STAFFORD (as above) frees JENNY, age about 36 years and the wife of TOM, whom I purchased in the state of Tennessee, certified by John McINTIRE April 29, 1833. Recorded in Gallatin Co., IL Oct. 27, 1836.
pp. 191-2.      
Augusta County, Virginia, County Clerk's Office, September 18, 1818. Daniel COOPER, a man 27 years of age and free born ordered to be registered in county. Witness: Andrew ANDERSON, signed Vincent TAPP, Dep. Clerk of Augusta County, VA. Certified by Alexander ST. CLAIR, present justice of county of Augusta, VA. Recorded in Gallatin County, Illinois January 18, 1837.
pp. 192-4.      
The following was recorded in Gallatin County, Illinois on January 18, 1837. At County Court of Albemarle County, Virginia, August 3, 1818, Mariah COOPER, age 24, appeared and proved her freedom, which is to be entered in the records. Alexander GARRETT, Clerk of Court enters above record August 6, 1818. Certification, etc.
pp. 194-5.      
JUDY, a woman of color indentured in the year 1818 for 40 years, is about to bring suit against me for a supposed irregularity in the said indenture. The said JUDY has released to me all claims for past service and given her note with security for $100 due 1 year from date together with interest thereon. I release her from said indenture dated August 22, 1818. Dated August 21, 1835. Signed by Moses M. RAWLINS. Witness: John A. McCLERNAND. Certified April 3, 1837 by L. WHITE, Clerk of Gallatin County, Illinois.
pp. 195-6.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. The undersigned heirs at law or guardians of same of Fatinia McCLERNAND relinquish all claims or rights to Katherine McCLERNAND, a woman of color, as this was the desire of the deceased, dated July 25, 1836. Signed: John A. McCLERNAND, Jacob BARGER, Lucretia SEATON, Samuel SEATON, Thio. BROWNE. Certification, KATHERINE is described as age about 38 years.
pp. 196-7.      
The undersigned heirs at law of Fatlma McCLERNAND relinquish all claims and rights to LOUISA, a mulatto woman age about 22 years. Dated July 25, 1836. Signed by same 5 heirs as in above record. LOUISA is later listed as age about 19 or 20 years. Certified July 25, 1836 by Samuel SEATON, JP.
pp. 197-8-9.      
Joseph T. HEFFORD purchased from Jesse McCLENDEN of Henderson County, Kentucky on March 19, 1830 a Negro man named ISAAC and paid $500 for him. Isaac was promised his freedom after 7 years of service by HEFFORD. HEFFORD and ISAAC are now moving to New Orleans and HEFFORD certifies that ISAAC is to be free at his death or when the 7 years are completed. Dated Sept. 28, 1832,
Shawneetown, Illinois. Certified by Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP on Sept. 28, 1832, Shawneetown, Illinois. Copy of letter dated May 25, 1837 from New Orleans, Louisiana to Mr. John MARSHALL, Shawneetown, Illinois: Dear Sir: The term of ISAAC'S servitude (as agreed upon between us) having expired, I return him to Shawneetown to enjoy his freedom. I have directed him to report to you immediately; then I shall have fulfilled my pledge. He has clothing and money for all his purposes. I have told him if he tires of his new life or meets with any accident to return to me and I shall take care of him for life, etc. Signed J.T. HEFFORD. Gallatin County, Illinois. John MARSHALL and Calvin GOLD appeared before Thos. F. VAUGHT saying they had executed the foregoing letter which is in the handwriting of J.T. HEFFORD. Dated June 16, 1837. Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP.
p. 199.      
Gallatin County, Illinois. Alexander POOL and Joseph HOPPER certified that they have known John SMOTHERS, a man of color, for 9 or 10 years or more and that his father and mother have lived in this county for many years and have a certificate of freedom. They and their children have been reputed and are considered free and no doubt are so. JOHN is 23 years of age. Dated July 15, 1837. L. WHITE, Clerk.
p. 199.      
Betsy ROBINSON, a free woman of color and wife of David ROBINSON, registers her child, Edward Calvin ROBINSON, born Nov. 4, 1831. Dated Aug. 1, 1837.
p. 200.      
Westchester, New York. No. 7663. I David HANSHAW, collector for the District of Boston and Charleston, do hereby certify that Walter DOWNEY, an American seaman, aged 28 years or thereabout has this day produced to me proof in the manner directed by the Act (an act for the relief and protection of American seamen) and in compliance to said act I have set my hand and seal of this office that Walter DOWNEY is a citizen of the US of America. Dated Dec. 10, 1832. Signed David HANSHAW, Coil.
pp. 200-2.      
Logan Co., KY. John BREATHITT certifies that he is acquainted with John SMOTHERS, a man of color, age about 40. SMOTHERS was raised by my father, Wm. BREATHITT, to whom he was bound until age 21. Afterwards SMOTHERS lived in this county for some time before moving southward. He married a free woman of color named JONES, and there is no doubt as to his being a free man. He has had a certificate of freedom which has not been recorded in this county. His freedom may be established by many who will so witness, but it is hoped this will not be necessary. Dated Sept. 9, 1825. Above statement certified by Marmaduke B. MORTON, JP on Sept. 10, 1825 in Logan Co., KY. On Sept. 10, 1825 Spencer CURD, Clerk of Logan Co., KY certifies that he knows John SMOTHERS and that he was bound to William BREATHITT of this county until 21 years of age. This was done but no record of such exists. John SMOTHERS and MATIER, his wife, enter the following children: (1) WILLIAM, born July 22, 1812, (2) JOHN M., born March 24, 1814, (3) LAURINDA, born July 26, 1817, (4) LATITIA, born June 17, 1822, (5) LUCINNIA, born June 25, 1824, (6) JAMES, born July 19, 1829.
pp. 202-3.      
David DINNEY, a free man of color (see record book p. 18) and LUCY, his wife, whose mother Elizabeth NORRING (formerly Elizabeth CARTER) (see Record Book A p. 56 and p. 120) enter their children: (1) DAVID DINNEY, born March 1829, (2) DARRILL DINNEY, born January 1831, (3) NANCY JANE DINNEY, born August 1832, (4) EDITH DINNEY born January 1834, (5) LUCY DINNEY born March 1836,(6) WILEY DINNEY born July 29, 1837. Entered this 19th day August 1837.
p. 203.      
I Creasey DOWNING, set free my daughter, Emily Mandiville HANSHAW, age about 19 years, having purchased her by bill of sale from John BLUE of Union Co., KY on Aug. 17, 1837. Witnesses: W.A.G. POSEY and John MARSHALL. Certified statement made before Thos. F. VAUGHT, JP, on August 21, 1837. Recorded September 1, 1837.
p. 204.      
Lewis BARGER, a black man about age 25 years, is the son of Judy RAWLING, an indentured woman of Moses M. RAWLING. I, Jacob BARGER of Shawneetown, do free LEWIS of all claims to his services until age 32 years. Dated July 29, 1837. Witness: J.C. BARGER. Certified by Jacob BARBER July 19, 1837 before Samuel SEATON, JP.
p. 205.      
Powhattan County (state not listed). William DANCE, Clerk of County Court of Powhattan County certifies that Harriet GRG, a free Negro woman age about 30 years, was born free in this county and is numbered #153. Dated June 15, 1831. The following children of Harriet GRAY are listed: (1) (2) THOMAS JEFFERSON GRAY, age about 11 years. ROBERT GRAY-age about 7 years.
pp. 206-8.      
Marshall Co., Tennessee. Court held at house of Abner HOUSTON on Nov. 6, 1837. (transcript of proceedings) Those present: William McCLURE, chairman, Ephraim HUNTER, James L. ERVING, Joseph CLECK, Thomas ROSS, John HATCHELL, James REED, James ADAMS, Thomas CUMMINS(?), David YANCY, Asa HOLLAND, Rob't JOHNSON, Peter WILLIAMS, Thomas WILSON, John FIELD, Thomas HARDISON, and James PATTERSON. Gentlemen Justices of the Peace. Allen LEEPER of this county is desirous of emancipating his Negro man, named HARRY, aged between 30 and 40 years for various reasons not the least of which is his conscientious scruples on the subject of holding slaves. LEEPER is willing to enter into bond and security conditions that said slave shall forthwith move from the state according to law. The decree handed down was that HARRY would be set free providing he left the state when he became free. Certified by Marshall County Court Nov. 8, 1837. Signed by Martin W. OAKLEY, Clerk of said County Court. Recorded in Gallatin County, Illinois on December 30, 1837.
pp. 208-9.      
William MIXON of Gallatin County, IL and late of Burke Co., GA frees RACHAEL, a Negro woman purchased of Michael MIXON on May 24, 1824, and her children: (1) (BETTY, age about 16 years, (2) SARAH, age about 14 years (also purchased then and her children born in Georgia as my slaves) (3) PHARABY, age about 11 years,(4) NANCY, age about 9 years, (5) SABREE, age about 7 years, (6) LYDIA, age about 5 years, (7) MARY, age about 3 years (8) AMANDA, age about 2 years. Dated Apr. 4, 1838.
p. 209.      
William MIXON makes a deed of freedom and enters into bond with Phillip C. BUFFINGTON as security for $9000 as surety. Recorded in Book R., p. 208.
p. 209.      
David DAVIS, free man of color, registers the following children of his and CUBA, a free woman: (1) WILLIAM born June 29, 1829, (2) GRANDISON, born March 30, 1831, (3) SARAH JANE, born January 29, 1832, (4) JAMES CARROLL born April 20, 1834, (5) DAVIS CARROLL born July 4, 1835, (6) AQUALI DORSON, born July 19, 1839.
This completes the recording in this book. Entries from Deed Book A, Gallatin County, Illinois will be included in Vol. X, No. 4 of the ISGS QUARTERLY.
Acknowledgement: A big thank you to ISGS members Veronica Henry, Howard Manthei, Thomas MacEntee for scanning and transcribing this ISGS Quarterly article.
Source CitationMr. and Mrs. H. Obert Anderson, "Emancipation of Slaves and Affidavits, Gallatin County, Illinois - Part 3,"  Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 3 (Fall 1978), 127-135.
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