The following article was first published in the ISGS Quarterly, Volume 10, Number 2, p. 67-73, Summer 1978.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Obert Anderson, Ridgway, Illinois 62979
    This is the second article dealing with slaves in Gallatin County, Illinois. The records were found in the Gallatin County Clerk's office at the Courthouse in Shawnee-town, Illinois in a very old book which is not indexed, but which has numbered pages. Fully one half of the slaves had not been residents of Illinois prior to their freedom, but were brought by their masters from Tennessee, South Carolina, etc. to be freed. Each record has been summarized. If anyone desires a complete record, a certified copy may be obtained by writing Ralph Colbert, County Clerk of Gallatin County, Illinois, Courthouse, Shawneetown, IL 62984. The cost of each certified copy of each record is $3.00, and $1.00 per page in excess of three pages. It is imperative that the page numbers be given which are to be copied. Otherwise, the request will not be honored, as the employees of the Clerk's Office do not have the time to search through the records. Please also include the date and names of the parties concerned in the record, and remember that often the slave was listed only by a given name. The first article covered pp. 27-96, and appeared in Vol . X, No. 1, Spring 1978, ISGS QUARTERLY. 
pp. 96-7.      
1/5/1828. JOE, a man of color, presented paper for recording. John ALLEN of Pulaski Co., KY, authorizes JOE, a man of color, aged about 29 years, to trade property, goods, and chattels. He may work for whom he pleases and to travel as he desires. Dated 2/21/1826. Acknowledged by Samuel J. FOX. JOE has purchased his freedom from John ALLEN and has a permit to buy, sell, and travel to find work, etc. 9/7/1827. Signed: John COWER, Joseph PORTER, C.M. CUMMINGHAM, Charles JASPER, Jacob BISHOP, and Joseph LOVE.
pp. 97-8      
Muhlenburg Co. Court (KY), June Co. Court, 1827. Jupiter SCOTT, a man of color, was represented by Hugh McNARY. It was proven that JUPITER was emancipated in the will of William SCOTT, late of State of Carolina, on the 13 of Nov. 1823. JUPITER, 6' 1/4" tall, age about 50 years, rawboned, and of dark color. Dated 6/27/1827 by Thomas L. WING, Clk.
p. 98.      
Gallatin Co., IL, Marmaduke L. DAVENPORT and Benjamin COLEMAN came before the clerk Leon'd WHITE. Benjamin COLEMAN is a Negro, now about 79 years old, 5'10 1/2" high, dark color. COLEMAN had passed as a freeman for the past 10 or 12 years. 2/17/1828.
Orange Co., NC. John CAMINGTON and Walter A. MANGUM, JPs of said county and state, certify that Nelson PETTIFORD (dark complexion, thin, about 5'7" high, age about 27 years), was born a free man and raised in this neighborhood, being considered free ever since. Claresy PETTIFORD, the lawful wife of Nelson PETTIFORD (was formerly Claresy COLLINS), age about 24 years, almost white, and of common size, was also born free and lawful wedlock. NELSON and CLARESY have two children, born free: MARY ADELINE, aged 2 years on last 16th May, and MILLY, almost 9 months old. Signed by Jno. CAMINGTON and Walter A. MANGUM on 10/31/1826. Also certified by John TAYLOR, Clerk of Orange Co., NC. Note: NELSON and CLARESY have since recorded the birth of a male child born 3 April 1827 named William. (Recorded in Gallatin Co., IL on 2/19/1828.)
p. 100.      
Louisa ANDERSON, a free woman of color and of yellow complexion enters her son, SAMUEL ANDERSON (a bright mulatto and well grown for his age), born 6/20/1816. Dated 5/23/1828.
p. 100.       5/28/1828. Received of CASS, a black woman formerly belonging to John G. WILSON, $200 the full amount to be paid per the last will and testament this 12/10/1827. Teste: John McLEAN, James M. JONES. Signed by Tabitha WILSON, Executrix of the will of J.G. WILSON, deceased. The above CASS is about age 38 years, 5'34" tall, dark complexion and nearly black. CASS enters a child: MARGARETTA HUBBARD, born Jan. 25, 1828.
pp. 101-110.      
THE WILL OF JOHN McALLISTER. (Because of its interest, the entire will has been included. It shows the concern of the master for his slaves and their ability to care for themselves. Due to Tennessee law, the slaves were unable to remain in Tennessee, and 62 persons were brought at one time to Gallatin County, Illinois. The 1830 Federal Census of Gallatin County, Illinois, lists a free Negro, Ponso McCALLISTER with 21 in the family. Others listed are p. 267, line 6, Rebecca McCALISTER, 7 blacks; p. 269, line 16, Betsy McCALISTER, 5 blacks; p. 270, line 23, William McCALISTER, 8 blacks. So we see that 41 of the 62 were still in the county in 1830.)
Know all men by these present that I, John McALLISTER, late of Greenwood Mills in Frederick County and State of Virginia, but now in Montgomery County and State of Tennessee, knowing the certainty of death and the uncertainty when it will happen to me hath thought proper to make my will and do make this my last will and testament as follows Viz:
1st first I leave all my estate both real and personal Except my slaves subject to my just debts which is now not great.
2nd Second my will is that all my slaves except Dick who I bought of John SOWERS now living in Staunton, Virginia, for their faithfull servitude and fidelity to me and my family are Emancipated and Set Free trusting there is no law in my Country to make a slave of a free man and to prevent me from freeing my slaves which is my will and intention and I now do freely will and devise Emancipation and set free all my slaves except Dick aforesaid to be free forever Slavery being a bitter cup let who will taste it. I therefore hope and trust none of my slaves except Dick, aforesaid who run away, will be keeped in Bondage after the term I wish them free which is all my slaves in the State of Tennessee to be free the first day of January after my decease and to be well clothed and each a good new Blanket. Negro Ponso the carpenter to have all my carpenter tools in Tennessee and negro Bill the shoe maker to have all my shoe making tools in Tennessee and negro Blackwell the Blacksmith to have all my Blacksmith tools in Tennessee. All my slaves in Virginia to be free as aforesaid on the first day of January after my decease and to be well clothed. My will is that my Executors in Virginia pay negro Robert in Cash one Hundred Dollars and to negro John in Cash One Hundred Dollars to enable, if they think proper, to get horses and bear their expenses to the land appropriated for them in Tennessee and the money to be paid them as soon as my Executors, hereafter named, can do it with my Estate.
And my will is if any of my slaves at the time of their freedom as aforesaid be unable to make subsistence for themselves, they are to be supported out of my estate as long as they are under such inability and it is further my will that my Executors will appropriate and lay off out of my tract of land in Montgomery County and State of Tennessee, which tract of land I bought of the Heirs of Genr. Francis S. NASH containing twelve thousand Acres, any quantity not exceeding One Thousand Acres of land, my Executors may think necessary for the use of my said slaves to live upon when free and to cultivate for their subsistence, beginning for the same at the North East corner of said tract of land near William CARBON'S plantation clear of rent during the life of said slaves he or she may think proper to live on and cultivate and my Executors is required to furnish said slaves or negroes with provisions necessary for their subsistence for the first year also stock and farming utensils necessary to help said negroes to open land, build cabbins & etc. So as they may make a living for themselves thereafter, and I give to my negro Women my cotton hand gin for them to clean their cotton and my will for them is that my Executors give or cause to be give to each of my slaves set free as aforesaid at the time of their freedom a copy of this part of my will respecting them, that they may know my will about themselves and my will is that the plantation that I have leased to Thomas BATSON and wife during their lives they are to have free of rent on condition Mr. BATSON have my slaves setted free and in case he cannot have my will Executed toward them in Tennessee, that he will have them all removed over the Ohio River into some free State. The unavoidable expense to be paid out of my Estate.
3rd Third my will is that having entered into an article of agreement with Thomas YEATMAN of Nashville, dated 7th day of January 1825 to build a furnace on my said tract of land my Executors in Tennessee will Execute a Deed from me to said YEATMAN for his half of said Furnace, whenever he complies with said articles of agreement.
4th Fourth my will is that the said remaining ballance of said tract of land of 12,000 Acres be divided as follows (to wit) One third part there of to my Granddaughter, Eliza Ann McALLISTER the child of my late Son John. One other third to my sister Mary CHAMBERS in Kentucky, with the exception that her husband Robert CHAMBERS has no part of my Estate as my will is this devise is for the benefit of my sister and her children Only. The remaining third I give my Sister Eliza BUSH of Allabama and her heirs, except her son James BUSH, who I do not wish to have any of my Estate. And my will is that whatever part of my personal estate remains in Tennessee undisposed of before and I give my said grand daughter Eliza Ann McALLISTER.
5th Fifth my will is that the plantation I live upon Called Greenwood Mills in Frederick County, Virginia with all Household furniture, stock, horses, Carriages and farming utensils with Interest on money lent and dividends on Bank stock and all my rents now due or coming to me from the interest I have in my landed Estate in the State of Virginia, I give to be for the use and benefit of my wife Allice during her life with this reservation that she sell no green timbers or suffer it to be cut and destroyed unnecessarily. And after her death to be my child or children I may have by her, but in case I have not such child or children by her Then and in that case after the death of my said wife the said plantation called Greenwood Mills with all other estates I may have in Virginia Except what is here after mentioned I leave to my said Sister BUSH her life time to enjoy the same as fully and in extent as my said wife may. And if my sister BUSH be alive at the death of my wife My sister BUSH I wish to take immediate possession of that estate called Greenwood Mills. And after the death of my said Sister BUSH to be equally between my said Sister CHAMBERS, Sister BUSH and Eliza Ann McALLISTER and their heirs forever except as before excepted.
6th Sixth After the death of my wife Alice I give Robert and John all my carpenter tools with the chest they are in in the shop.
7th Seventh My will is my interest in a small tract of land in Alleganah County State of Maryland Patented to my late brother James and myself I give and bequeath to his only child now Louisa WARD and also her husband's note of One Hundred and ninety nine Dollars and seventy cents on interest from the 12th November 1821 dated 13th March 1822 to her and her heirs forever.
8th Eighth I give and bequeath to my nephew Richard McALLISTER son of Jesse McALLISTER of Pennsylvania my light horse sword and Belt and holster with the pair of silver mounted pistols at the death of my said wife with the picture of his Uncle Abduel McALLISTER forever.
9th Ninth My will is that my Executors sell my lott in the Town of Winchester, Virginia if they think it necessary and first pay my debts and legacies and the remainder of my Estate not disposed of be divided between my said Sisters Mary CHAMBERS, Eliza BUSH and my grand daughter, Eliza Ann McALLISTER. And my Gold watch patent lever capt and jewelled made in Liverpool by P.I. Tobias & Co. No. 335.7 I give my said Grand daughter if she lives to be twenty one years of age, but in case she die before arriving to 21 years of age then and in that case said watch I give and bequeath to said Richard McALLISTER, son of Jesse McALLISTER in Pennsylvania. And I give my hand cotton gin to the negro women to clean their cotton they may raise.
10th Tenth I nominate constitute and appoint my friends John JOLLIFF, William JOLLIFF of Frederick County, Virginia. Alexander ROBINSON of Baltimore and John LOHARD of Philadelphia to be Executors of my Estate in Virginia. And Thomas BATSON, James ELDER and James McCLURE all of Montgomery County and State of Tennessee to by my executors of my Estate in Tennessee and further my will is that no security be required of either of my Executors by any Court when they grant them letters of administration as I have full confidence in their honesty and integrity. Revoking all former wills made. Written with my own hand and on one sheet of paper at my Cabbin Row Plantation in Montgomery County State of Tennessee the second day of January one thousand eight Hundred and twenty six 1826 given under my hand and seal the above day acknowledged before me.
John McALLISTER (seal )
p. 107.      
I Andrew VANCE clerk of the County Court of pleas and quarter sessions do certify that the foregoing is a true transcript of the last will and testament of John McALLISTER, deceased taken from the records of my office when the same is duly and legally enrolled in testimony whereof I have here unto subscribed my name and caused the seal of said Court to be affixed at Clarksville this 22 day of May in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and twenty eighth and the 52d year of the Independence of the United States.
A. VANCE Clk (seal )
I Charles BAILEY one of the presiding Justices of the County Court of pleas and quarter sessions in and for the County of Montgomery in said State do certify that Andrew VANCE whose name is subscribed to the foregoing certificate is and was at the time of signing the same Clerk of said County Court of pleas and quarter Sessions for said County of Montgomery in said State and that due faith and credit should be given to all his official acts as such and that his attestation is in due form of law in testimony whereof Ihave here unto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of May A.D. 1828.
Chas. BAILEY one of the presiding justices of
(seal ) the County Court of pleas and quarter Sessions for Montgomery Co.
I Andrew VANCE clerk of the County Court of pleas and quarter Sessions in and for said County of Montgomery in said State do certify that Charles BAILEY whose name is subscribed to the foregoing certificate is and was at the time of signing the same presiding justice of said Court duly commissioned and qualified in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my name and affixed the seal of my office at Clarksville this 22nd day of May A.D. 1828 and the 52d of the Independence of the U.S.
(seal ) A. VANCE Clk
This day came before me Leonard WHITE, clk of the Circuit Court in and for the County of Gallatin aforesaid Simon HOLMES who being first duly sworn deposeth and saith he is well acquainted with the negroes Emancipated and set free by the last will and testament of John McALLISTER, Deceased, late of Montgomery County, State of Tennessee that they are composed at present of sixty two persons, and that the following list is as accurately made out as can conveniently be made that the negroes are (mostly the older ones) present and many of the small ones.
Sworn to and subscribed before me at Equality the 21st day of July A.D. 1828.
Leod. WHITE Clk Simon HOLMES
The following is a list of the negroes Emancipated by the .last will and testament of John McALLISTER, Deceased, late of Montgomery County, State of Tennessee, to wit:
p. 109.      
PONSO, a man of about forty five years of age of tolerable black color, five feet six inches high, well made, a carpenter by trade.
JENNY, his wife, about the same colour, forty three years of age, about five feet six inches high.
p. 109.      
MARCUS, son of the above, 23 years of age on the 11 th of August, 1827. Same colour, five feet six inches and a quarter high;
NANCY, daughter of the above about 19 years of age, dark almost black complexion, five feet one inch and a half; 
JOLLIFF, son of the above parents, seventeen years old, dark complexion; 
DICK, son of the above parents, about fifteen years of age. Dark complexion; 
SIMON, thirteen; 
BEN, eleven; 
TERRY, nine; 
PONSO, seven; 
SAWNEY, five years of age. 
The above and foregoing Eleven constitute one family, and are nearly all of the same color.
BILL, a man of thirty five years of age, dark nearly black, five feet seven inches high.
PEGGY, his wife, thirty years of age, about the same height, though of a light colour not a mulatto.
HALE, son of the above, fourteen years old;
JOHN KING, thirteen;
JAMES, ten;
WILLIAM, eight;
LOUISA, five;
MARY, three;
MARTHA, one.
The above nine persons compose a family.
LIZZY, a woman without a Husband, thirty five years of age, dark though not black, five feet four inches high, has the following children:
ABRAM, sixteen years old;
JOE, fourteen;
CELIA, ten;
SHAW, eight years old;
PHEREBY, a girl five years old;
SAM, one year old.
BECK, a woman without a Husband. Black colour, forty five years of age, five feet four inches high. Has the following children:
JOSHUA, twenty two years old, black complexion, five feet six inches and a quarter;
ELIZA, twenty years old, black complexion, five feet four inches high;
NED, eighteen, dark almost black;
BETTY, fifteen, same colour;
DAVY, black colour, fourteen years old;
Peter, 12 years old;
ISAAC, ten;
MARIAH, seven years of age.
p. 110.      
OLD AGGY, nearly eighty years of age.
SATTIN, a man of fifty five years of age; black complexion, five feet two inches and a quarter high.
YOUNG AGGY, twenty seven, dark, nearly black, five feet three inches and a half.
DOLLY, twenty five years old, same colour, five feet three inches and three quarters high.
RENA, twenty four, same colour, five feet four inches and a quarter.
MACLIN, eighteen years old, the right eye out, same colour, the above four last are the children of SATTIN.
ABBY, thirty years of age, large fat woman, dark complexion, five feet two inches and a half high.
p. 110      
SOLOMON, ten years of age; SINAI, eight years old, CHINA, five years old, JESSE, three years old. These four children are the children of ABBY.
SARAH, a woman of 24 years old, black complexion, about 5 feet 4 inches high.
ROSE, a yellow girl ten years old;
MARTHA, seven years 01 d, black colour;
HENRY, five, same colour. The three last named are children of SARAH.
DAVY, 39 years old, dark complexion, 5 feet 9 inches high, slender made.
SAM, a man of 32 years of age, dark though not black, 5 feet 4 inches high, a blemish in the left eye.
p. 111      
DRYOSS (blurred), a man of 60, black complexion, 5 feet 3 inches high.
SAMUEL, 55 years of age, slender made, 5 feet 3 inches high.
TOM, 40 years old, dark complexion, 5 feet 6 inches high.
JEFFERSON, 6 years old; GEORGE, 1 year old; the children of YOUNG AGGY.
MARGARET, one year old, black, the child of DOLLY.
SUSAN, 6 years old, light colour; MATILDA, 4 years old, black; ANNY, 6 months old; these are the children of ELIZA.
p. 111.      
Recorded 4/7/1828 Gallatin Co., Illinois. WILLIAM, a boy of color, owned by me as a slave, Is to deliver 200 bushels of salt to Moses WICKLIFF in Louisburg, Muhlenburg County, KY from the U.S. Salines via delivery by Benjamin WHITE on or before May 1, 1826. In return WILLIAM is to be released from servitude and set free by me, otherwise this agreement to be null and void. Dated 12/2/1825. Signed by Moses WICKLIFF and witnessed by W.S.G. POSEY. The above contract has been complied with by the above named boy WILLIAM. Signed Benjamin WHITE 4/7/1828
p. 112.      
Gallatin Co., Illinois. David H. CAMPBELL, late of Washington County, Virginia, makes oath that he has been we1 1 acquainted with lineage and progenitive of HENRY BRAWDY alias Henry SMITH of Gallatin County and a man of color (now about 35 years of age, coper color and about 5' 11"). He has descended from Emancipated parents for two generations per law of Virginia. Dated 8/11/1828. Sworn to before Thomas F. VAUGHT, JP on 8/11/1828.
p. 112.      
Gallatin Co., Illinois. Huston MUKLY came saying he knows Joe ALLEN, a yellow man who formerly belonged to John ALLEN of Pulaski Co., KY, and that JOE was free by purchase and was so reputed before he left Kentucky. Dated 3/15/1818. Leonard WHITE, Clerk of Gallatin Co., IL.
p. 113.      
Articles of agreement dated 6/19/1828 between William DAVIS, Butler Co., KY and David DAVIS (a man of color). David DAVIS to pay to William DAVIS: $100 by 6/19/1829; $100 by 6/19/1830; $100 by 6/19/1831; for which William binds self and heirs to manumit, liberate, and set free the said David DAVIS, a man of color. Recorded 11/6/1828.
p. 114.      
Gallatin Co., Illinois. Moses M. DONELSON made oath that JESS DAY, a man of color (near 40 years of age, 5' 11" high, dark complexion, though not black) was born free in Purson County, North Carolina, and has always been reputed to be free. Dated 11/25/1828. Leonard WHITE, County Clerk.
p. 114.      
NELLY, alias Ellen FERGUSON, a free woman of color. Recorded in Book A; p. 23 enters her children born since her freedom: CHARLES, a yellow boy 15 years old; JETHROME, a light complexion but not a mulatto, about 12 years old; NEPOLIAN, about 10 years old of brown color; NANCY, age about 3 years, light color. Recorded 11/27/1828.
p. 115-16.      
For the sum of $100 and other good reasons OSBORNE, a slave owned by us is set free, signed and sealed by: Samuel DUNCAN, William R. DUNCAN, Willis DUNCAN, and Wi 11 lam ROBERTS the guardian for: George DUNCAN, John DUNCAN, Benj .DUNCAN, Mary DUNCAN and Henry ROBERTS. Witnessed by: George HARDY, James BATES, John MURPHY and Warren DUNCAN. As in court of Davies County of State of Kentucky; above to be recorded on 10/6/1822. George HANDBY, Clerk of Davies County Court.
p. 116.      
For the sum of $560 due one year from this date, dated 2/25/1809. Money advanced by Joshua SCOTT, Edward MAXWELL, and Jeremiah WALKER to present owner John JACKSOW who agrees to free SAMUEL, a negro slave who formerly belonged to Joshua SCOTT. Signed by John JACKSON, James JACKSON and W. JACKSON. Pope County, Illinois. this obligation is to certify that SAMUEL has paid off his price and no one has any claim on him against his freedom, dated 7/28/1820; signed by Joshua SCOTT, Clerk of Pope County, Illinois and filed 2 July 1821.
p. 117.      
Above recorded 6/27/1027 in Gallatin County, Illinois
p. 117      
6/27/1827, Gallatin Co., Illinois. Recorded by Samuel CALDWELL the children by his wife, SUSANNA: WASHINGTON, born 3/29/1812; JAMES, born 4/6/1813.
p. 117      
Clary ROBINSON, a free woman of color, enters her son David ROBINSON as a freeman a little over 21 years of age, bright yellow complexion, slender made and light built. Certificate issued 2/25/1827. Signed Leonard WHITE, Clerk.
p. 118      
Gallatin County, Illinois. Adolphus F. HUBBARD and Marmaduke S. DAVENPORT swear that they know BEN, who formerly belonged to Ephraim HUBBARD, deceased. BEN was brought to this state in 1809 by Ephraim HUBBARD, Senior and became the property of Ephraim HUBBARD, Jr. who said that he wanted BEN to become free. BEN is age 54 years, almost black, chunky, well set, stout, 5' 5" tall. Certificate issued 8/16/1828 by Leonard WHITE, Clerk of Court.
p. 118      
Samuel MARSHALL of Shawneetown, Illinois declares no one owns or has title to CHINA, a woman of large size, dark yellow complexion, about age 35 years; lived in the MARSHALL house for several years. She was free. Dated 1/25/1829.
p. 119      
E. H. GATEWOOD certifies on back of certificate issued to CHINA of the above on 2/25/1829.
p. 119      
Joseph CALDWELL, a man of color, the son of Elizabeth NORRINGTON (formerly CARTER), a free woman of color before the birth of the said JOSEPH. Applies for certificate of freedom. JOSEPH is of black complexion, 5' 10" tall, about 24 years of age; scar on right cheek. Certificate issued 2/25/1825. John CALDWELL, of the same mother, age 22 years, nearly black complexion, light build, certificate issued 2/25/1825.
p. 119      
Gallatin County, Illinois, 1/16/1827. John MURPHY made oath that NANCY, a negro woman in the service of Ephraim HUBBARD of Shawneetown, IL has been in this state since 1815 and served until HUBBARD'S death. Certificate issued 2/25/1829.
p. 120      
Nancy S. CLARK, daughter of Samuel and Nancy CLARK, former owners of Grace CLARK, now a free woman of color. Describes the children of said Grace CLARK: MADISON, 30 years old 3/1/1828; MINTY, 18 years old 12/24/1828; THOMAS, 17 years old 7/-/1828; SUSAN and MILY (twins), 13 years old May, 1828. Above is requested to be recorded. Leonard WHITE, Clerk.
p. 120      
David DINNEY, whose papers are recorded Book A p. 18 and LUCY, his wife; the said LUCY, being the daughter of Elizabeth NORRINGTON (formerly CARTER) whose freedom is recorded in Book A p. 56, enters children: (1) ELIZA, b. 12/20/1813, light tan; (2) JACKSON, b. 6/8/1815; (3) BENJAMIN, b. September, 1817; (4) SAMUEL, b. 1819; (5) SUSANNA, b. 1821; (6) POLLY ANN, b. 1823; (7) JULIAN, b. 1826. Signed by Leonard WHITE, Clerk.
(Entries from pages 120-209 will be included in the Fall Quarterly, Vol. X, No. 3. The article will conclude in the Winter Quarterly with entries from Deed Book A, Gallatin County, Illinois.) 
Acknowledgement: A big thank you to ISGS members Howard Manthei and Thomas MacEntee for scanning and transcribing this ISGS Quarterly article.
Source CitationMr. and Mrs. H. Obert Anderson, "Emancipation of Slaves and Affidavits, Gallatin County, Illinois - Part 2,"  Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 2 (Summer 1978), 67-73.
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