Illinois State Genealogical Society
ALPL Book Project
Your genealogical network has been expanded to include the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (ALPL)!
Imagine how exciting and fun it would be if you could go to one place in the center of the state and find everything, genealogically speaking, which has been published by the various genealogical and historical societies in our magnificent state. How convenient it would be to follow your ancestors from one county to another without going further than the book shelves near the table you've staked out to use during your research trip.

After you've exhausted the collection of more than 171,700 books, which include county histories, civil war material, city material, family genealogies and a many other types of published material, you can go right upstairs to the Newspaper Microfilm area. Here you will find more than 5,000 newspaper titles preserved on 89,000 microfilm reels. The reels hold newspaper titles from every one of the Illinois counties with many dating from the early nineteenth century.
Our newest project is designed to help grow the ALPL collection of genealogy-related material to include each publication, produced by one of the many state's genealogical and/or historical societies, not yet a part of the ALPL collection.

We would love to have your participation in this worthwhile project. Since the publications vary in price from a few dollars to $60.00 or $70.00 each, any amount you might contribute will be most sincerely appreciated. We'll combine your donations with our Society donation each quarter to buy publications on the "Wish List" more quickly.  Of course, with your permission, your tax deductible donation will be recognized in an upcoming ISGS Newsletter (Just drop us a note or email if you wish to remain anonymous.) 
Both the staff at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and the members of the ISGS Governing Board will be eternally grateful for your assistance!

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