LUDOLPH, Henry Conrad Jr. and Family

LUDOLPH family
Catherine VanCura Ludolph holding her son, Henry Conrad Ludolph, Jr, (my grandfather) and three of her daughters, l-r Mary, Jessie and Edna.  This was taken in 1905 in the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago.  Catherine VanCura Ludolph was born the day of the Chicago Fire.  Family story is that as her father was running to get the midwife, he was arrested for not helping fight the fire.  Speaking only Bohemian, he couldn't explain what he was doing.  The desk sargent at the Chicago Police Station where he was taken, understood Bohemian and let him go.  Submitted by Annabelle Caldwell Bradshaw.
Henry Conrad LUDOLPH Jr
My grandfather, Henry Conrad Ludolph, taken in the Bridgeport neighborhhood of Chicago on August 12, 1906. Submitted by Annabelle Caldwell Bradshaw.