Illinois State Genealogical Society

ISGS Webinar Fund - Donate Today!

The ISGS Webinar Fund provides financial support to the ISGS Webinar Program, which helps us expand educational offerings in a virtual manner.
Webinars are lectures that are attended via the internet. Live broadcasts of the webinars are available to ISGS members and non-members for free. Archived recordings of these sessions are available to ISGS members for free as a "member benefit".
Your financial support is appreciated, now more than ever! Starting in 2013, the GoToWebinar platform price available to non-profits like ISGS increased substantially - over 20 times what it was in 2012!
Why? Most non-profits were offered an introductory price via and that offer was not made available starting in 2013. ISGS has received a 50% non-profit discount for GoToWebinar, but the expenditure for the yearly subscription was not anticipated and any help you can provide in offsetting these costs is greatly appreciated.
In addition, ISGS pays its webinar speakers a small honorarium to compensate for their time and talent. We do this in order to attract the best speakers in the genealogy and family history community and to bring you education content that is timely and useful to your own research.