Civil War Certificates Issued - Direct Descendant
(as of September 2010)
Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
   Cert.                  Soldier's Name                          Unit(s) County
205 ADAMS, John Shaw Co. I, 64th Ill. Inf. Kendall
101 ADAMSON, Moses Thompson Co. I, 38th Ill. Inf. Richland
40 ALBRIGHT, James Washington Co. K, 130th Ill. Inf. McLean
126 ALLEN, James H. Co. I, 49th Ill. Inf. Randolph
198 ANDREWS, George Albert Co. A, 55th Inf. LaSalle
196 ANTHONY, Charles Rowland Co. F, 146th Ill. Inf. Bureau
51 AYERS, William Banks Co. G, 71st Ill. Inf. Menard
188 BABBITT, Hugh Co. G, 50th Army Ill. Vol. Fulton
130 BABBITT, William Calvin Co. L. 12th Ill. Cav. Fulton
225 BAIN, James Co. F, 110th Reg. Ill. Inf. Franklin
37 BAKER, Morris L. Co. C, 147th Ill. Inf. LaSalle
110 BALLANCE, William Henry Co. D, 111th Ill. Inf. Marion
54 BANTA, Henry Co. B, 79th Ill. Inf. Douglas
24 BARTLEY, Edward V. Co. F, 58th Ill. Inf. Piatt
200 BAXTER, Horace Co. G, 81st Ill. Inf. Jackson
72 BETHEL, Tilmon Co. D, 61st Ill. Inf. Jersey
177 BICKLE, John C. Co. B, 113th Ill. Inf. Iroquois
83 BIEDERBECK, William Co. G, 103rd Ill. Inf. Peoria
170 BLISS, Timothy Freeman Co. F, 100th Ill. Inf. Cook
58 BOBBITT, George Washington Stephen Co. A, 85th Ill. Inf. Mason
112 BOWEN, Alpheus Co. D, 30th Ill. Inf. Bureau
29 BOYD, John Irwin Co. K, 7th Ill. Cav. Henry
210 BRAUN, Ferdinand Co. I, MO Art. Btry D, 2 Mo. Lt. Art. St. Clair
182 BRIDGEWATER, Andrew Marion Co. D, 115th Ill. Inf. Schuyler
3 BRIGHT, Charles W. Co. A, 118th Ill. Inf. Hancock
70 BROWN, Abraham Co. B, 109th Ill. Inf. Alexander
2 BROWN, George M. Co. A, 31st Ill. Inf. Williamson
221 BROWN, William H. Co. H 130 & Co. B, 77 Reg. IL Vol. Wayne
224 BROWNING, Thomas Co. E, 89th Ill. Inf. Pike
39 BRUNAUGH, Benjamin Hamilton Co. K, 99th Ill. Inf. Pike
96 BUELL, Joseph Hiram Co. L, 1st Oh Hvy Art.; Co. G, 8th Vet. Res. Cook
12 BURK(E), Pharcellus Ellis Co. F, 38th Ill. Inf. Logan
207 BURKETT, James P. Co. I, 48th Inf. Wayne
60 BURNS, Harvey M. Co. E, 2nd SC Cav. Morgan
209 BURNS, Samuel Co. D, 23rd E. Mo. Militia Williamson
65 BURRIS, Eckron Aaron Co. D, 61st Ill. Inf. Greene
89 BUSTER, Marshall Co. A, 10th Tenn. Cav. Alexander
23 CAMPBELL, Robert Alexander Co. D, 87th Ill. Mtd. Inf. Jefferson
48 CAMPBELL, Thomas Co. E, 55th Ill. Inf. Kane
116 CAP, Harvey Co. D & Co. G, 110th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
49 CARLOCK, James Asbury Co. F, 3rd Ill. Cav. Madison
64 CARPER, Andrew Co. H, 146th Ill. Inf. Bureau
57 CARPER, Frederick Co. K. 57th Ill. Inf. Bureau
171 CASWELL, Arthur D. Co. B, 88th Ill. Inf. Iroquois
66 CHAFFIN, Philip T. Co. C, 78th Ill. Inf. McDonough
203 CHAMBERLAIN, George W. Co. A, 33rd Ill. Inf. Vol. Whiteside
202 CHAMBERS, John A. Co. A, 103rd Ill. Inf. Fulton
109 CHANDLER, John Bell Co. F, 7th Ill. Cav. Marion
88 CLARK, George Co. H, 93rd Ill. Inf. Henry
193 CLUCK, George Washington Co. D 6th Ill. Cav. Hamilton
149 CONWAY, Dempsey Marion Co. H, 107th Ill. Inf. Greene
172 CORYELL, Daniel Co. K, 1st Cav. Missouri Vol. Clark
99 COTTERELL, Silas Co. C, 86th Ill. Inf., Co. B, 77th Ill. Inf, Co. H 130th Inf. Richland
154 COUEY, Andrew A. Co. C, 30th Ill. Inf. Randolph
18 CROMWELL, Robert Co. A, 10th Ill. Inf. Morgan
138 CROSS, Trulan Lowell Co. H, 67th Ill. Inf. Stephenson
212 DAILY, Elgin J. Co. C, 17th Cav. Marion
47 DAVIS, James J. Co. B, 147th Ill. Inf. Whiteside
56 DEROUSSE, Joseph S. Jr. Co. C, 154th Ill. Inf. Randolph
92 DOBBS, Winfield Co. G, 60th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
183 DRAYER, Calvin Co. H, 113th Ill. Inf. Kankakee
22 EASTON, Jasper Newton Co. I, 123rd Ill. Inf. Coles
69 EBERT, John Henry Co. H, 9th Ill. Inf. Christian
17 ELLERBROCK, Henry J. Co. C, 10th Ill. Inf. Adams
194 EPPS, Pleasant Co. K, 152nd Ill. Vol. Fayette
229 ETCHISON, Benjamin W. Co. A, 98th IL Inf., Pvt Clay
73 FINNEGAN, Arthur Co. K, 3rd Ill. Cav.; Co. A, 3rd Ill. Cav. Livingston
206 FLEMING, John A. Polk Co. H, 54th Ill. Inf. Shelby
1 FOREMAN, Samuel Co. G, 97th Ill. Inf. Madison
55 FOSTER, Milton E. Co. E, 30th Ill. Inf. Randolph
31 FOWLER, John Calvin Co. B, 193rd Oh. Inf. Iroquois
84 FRANTZ, Henry N. Co. C, 8th Reg. Ohio Cav. Macoupin
38 FUERST, Gabriel Co. B, 15th Mo. Inf. Madison
143 FULLER, William J. Co. B, 96th Inf; 9th & 18th OH Battery Lake
148 GEHRING, Wilhelm (William) F. Co. A, 5th MO Inf. Vermilion
91 GILLAM, John M. Co. H, 74th Ill. Inf. Winnebago
106 GIPSON, George Washington Co. A, 110th Ill. Inf.; Co. D, 110th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
151 GLAZE, Samuel Co. D, 125th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
147 GLETTY, Jean George Co. H, Ill. 10th Inf. DeKalb
162 GOFF, Iredell Co. F, 91st Ill. Inf. Crawford
43 GOSNELL, Peter G. Co. A, 39th Ill. Inf. Jasper
15 GOWIN, Thomas Jefferson Co. E, 27th Mo. Inf. Macoupin
145 GRAY, James A. Co. C, 151st Ill. Inf. McDonough
144 GRIFFITH, Amasa Co. F, 14th Cav. Fayette
228 HAMILTON, George W. Co. B, 31st Ill. Inf. Saline
46 HAMPTON, Jonathan Co. A, 9th Ill. Inf. Williamson
90 HANFORD, Philo D. Co. G, 153rd Ill. Inf. Winnebago
6 HANNAH, Thomas Co. I, 125th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
135 HARRELL, Joseph Thomas Co. H, 38th IN Inf. Jasper
26 HARRIS, William H. Co. H, 8tgh Ill. Inf. Schuyler
213 HART, James Co. H, 134th Reg. Ill. Inf. Henry
211 HAYS, James J. Co. F, 88th Ill. Inf. Clay
165 HAYS, John Co. G, 10th Ill. Cav. Champaign
190 HECK, John Co. F, 72nd Ill. Inf. Logan
226 HELM, Uriah Co. G, 7th Reg. Vol. Ill. Cav. Fayette/Effingham
131 HERRON, Clark Co. D, 126th Ill. Inf. Morgan
142 HETZEL, Gustave Co. I 7 Co. A, 24th Ill. Inf. LaSalle
117 HILL, William Co. A, 64th Ill. Inf. McDonough
61 HODGES, Thomas J. Co. F, 99th Ill. Inf. Pike
139 HOOVER, Samuel Co. H, 54th IN Inf. Vermilion
10 HUTCHISON, Daniel Co. F, 28th Ill. Inf. Randolph
33 JANES, John Alexander Co. D, 151st Ill. Inf. Fulton
227 JETT, Ambrose Clayton Co. F, 77th Ill. Inf. Bond
128 JOHNSON, Jacob Co. K, 2nd Ill. Cav. Pike
8 JOHNSTON, Eziekel Co. H. 106th Ill. Inf. Logan
20 JONES, Dewitt Clinton Co. B, 25th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
81 JONES, George W. 37th Inf.; 70th Inf.; 94th Inf. McLean/Logan
80 JONES, James L. Co. B, 152,d Ill. Inf. Schuyler/McLean
9 JONES, Lewis Co. H., 31st Ill. Inf. Union
179 KEARNS, Delos Co. B 156th Inf. DeKalb
157 KELCHNER, Henry F. Co. K, 33rd Ill. Inf. Marion
204 KIRKPATRICK, Milton Co. I, 30th Ill. Inf. Vol. Bond
67 KITCH, Samuel Axtel Co. H, 7th Reg. Ill. Cav. Shelby
178 KITZEROW, Frank Co. F, 64th Ill. Inf. Vol. Will
155 KORTIE, Henry Co. A, 12th Ill. Cav. Winnebago
146 KUNKEL, John Andrew Co. D, PA 149th Inf. Bureau
44 LANE, Acel Timothy Co. K, 48th Ill. Inf. Effingham
75 LAWLER, Michael Kelly HQ, 18th Ill. Inf. Gallatin
42 LAWLER, Patrick B. Co. D, 18th Ill. Inf. Gallatin
16 LETURNO, Calvin Fletcher Co. K, 30th Ill. Inf. Clinton
152 LOCKE, Thomas Robinson Co. E, 63rd Ill. Inf.  
98 LONDSTROM, John C. Co. C, 86th Ill. Inf. Peoria
5 LONG, Jonathan A. Co. F, 92nd Ill. Mtd. Inf. Stephenson
218 LUTZEN, Cornelius Co. F, 95th Reg. Ill. Inf. McHenry
134 MAINS, James Co. C, 26th Ill. Inf.; Co. D, 155th Ill. Inf. Bond
78 MALONE, Daniel T. Co. E, 30th Ill. Inf. Randolph
141 MARCH, William Co. D, 35th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
107 MARKLAND, William Co. B, Oh 5th Cav. Shelby
176 MARTIN, John A. Co. K, 33rd Ill. Vol. & Co. H, 99th Ill. Vol. Menard
220 MAYHUE, Benjamin Franklin Co. G, 29th Ill. Vol. Gallatin
161 MCALLISTER, Alexander Co. I, 80th Ill. Inf. Washington
192 MCCABE, Wilbur Co. C, 119th Ill. Inf. Schuyler
208 MCCLURE, James M. Co. D, 32nd Vol. Ill. Inf. Madison
159 MCDANIEL, John S. Co. D, 79th IN Inf. Shelby
175 MELLINGER, Samuel C. Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
164 MILES, Samuel Thomas Co. I, 116th Ill. Inf. Macon
223 MILLER, Kendall (Kindle) Co. C, 15th Reg., IL Vol. Cav. Franklin
122 MILLER, Nathaniel D. Co. K, 103rd Ill. Inf. Fulton
215 MILLER, William H. Co. A, 60th Ill. Inf. Williamson
76 MOCK, William Co. G, 52nd Ill. Inf. Kane
77 MOORE, Absolum Co. F, 111th Ill. Inf. Marion
189 MOORE, Alexander Co. F, 90th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
28 MOORE, William P. Co. B, 49th Ill. Inf. Monroe
27 MORGAN, Charles Friedrich Co. B, 4th Mo. Cav. Macoupin
71 MORRIS, George Co. A, 26th Mo. Vol.; Co. E., Ill. Cav. Montgomery
180 MORROW, Robert S. Co. C, S. Cumberland Bn. KY Vol. Vermilion
93 MORROW, Wilson J. Co. A, 69th Ill. Inf.; Co. A, 8th Ill. Cav. LaSalle
7 MULLOY, Patrick Co. C, 90th Ill. Inf. McDonough
85 NEAL, Amos Co. I, 39th Ill. Inf. McLean
160 NEAL, John Wesley Co. K, 115th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
86 NEAL, Joseph Wilson, Lt. Co. I, 39th Ill. Inf. McLean
52 NEFF, Ezekiel G. Co. I, 93rd Ill. Inf.  
158 NEFF, George North Co. I, 34d Ill. Cav. McLean
108 PACKARD, Phineas L. Co. D, 154th Ill. Inf. Winnebago
11 PEAK, Trial W. Co. B, 125th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
34 PECK, Orrin Co. A, 64th Ill. Inf. McDonough
30 PETRIE, Samuel Co. I, 105th Ill. Inf. DeKalb
87 PHILLIPS, Joseph Co. F, 40th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
222 PHILLIPS, Thomas Benton Co. H 117th Reg. IL Vol. Inf. St. Clair
156 POTTER, Robert Knight Co. I, 2nd Ill. Lt. Art. DuPage
53 PROWSE, John Franklin Co. E, 95th Ill. Inf. McHenry
191 PRUFER, Friederick Co. K, 21st Ill. Inf. Carroll
45 PULLIAM, James Co. B, 15th Ky, Inf. Macon
115 PUNTENNEY, Russell Co. G, 33rd Ill. Inf. Ford
124 PYFER, George W. Co. D, 92nd Ill. Inf. Ogle
120 QUICK, Luther P. Co. H 46th PA Inf., Co. K, 148th Ill. Inf. Bureau
63 QUIRK, James Co. G, 126th Ill. Inf. Madison
105 RADLE, Frank Co. K, 104th Ill. Inf.  
82 RAYBURN, Elisha Turner Monroe's Arkansas Vol. Rock Island
197 REED, Gilbert Curtis Co. G, 75th & Co. F, 2nd Inf. Ogle
169 REICHART, James K. Co. G, 115th Ill. Inf. Shelby
68 RICE, Levi Clair Co. I, 100th Vol. Inf. Kankakee
168 RIDDLE, Oscar C. Co. F, 20th Ill. Inf. Stark
123 RIGGS, Randolph S. Co. I, 107th Ill. Inf. DeWitt
133 RILEY, John W. D. Co. D, 97th Ill. Inf. Cumberland
19 RISING, Leman A. Co. A, 10th NY Hvy. Art. LaSalle
100 ROBERTS, Edwin Holloway Co. B, 47th Ill. Tazewell
167 RUSS, Rupert Co. D, 24th Ill. Inf. St. Clair
32 RYDER, Patrick Henshaw's Independent Ill. Lt. Art. LaSalle
129 SARFF, Isaac Co. F, 108th Ill. Inf. Mason
187 SCHAEFER, Albert Co. I, 24th Ill. Inf. LaSalle
13 SCHWARZ, Franz Joseph Co. M, 7th Ill. Cav. Randolph
62 SEAMAN, Isaac Wilson Co. C, 64th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
214 SEIGEL, Theodore Co. K, 1st Reg. MO Cav. Crawford
163 SHEPARD, Albert Co. C, 115th Ill. Inf. Wabash
121 SHIPPY/SHIPPEY/SHIPPEE, Hiram Co. D, 93rd Ill. Inf. Stephenson
216 SMITH, John Co. C, 39th Reg. Ill. Inf. Cook
114 SMITH, William C. Co. A, 103rd Ill. Inf. Fulton
97 SMITH, William E. Jr. Co. I, 70th Ill. Inf. Pike
59 SPENCER, John French Co. C, 41st Ill. Inf. DeWitt
132 SPERRY, James Monroe Co. G, 101st & 16th Ill. Inf. Morgan
21 STEPHENS, Alexander W. Co. C, 1st Ill. Lt. Art. Stark
74 STEWART, John B. Co. B, 101st Ill. Inf. Morgan
104 STODDARD, William Co. C, 149th Ill. Inf. St. Clair
199 STONER, John Co. S, 77th Ill. Inf. Surgeon Woodford
50 SUMMERS, John Co. I, 70th Ill. Inf. Scott
186 SWANSON, Isaac Co. E, 151st Ill. Inf. Henry
127 SWARTS, Jacob R. Co. L & E, 10th Ill. Cav. Piatt
219 TAYLOR, David M. Co. B, 78th Reg. IL Inf. & Co. G, 10th Reg. IL Inf. Adams
119 TAYLOR, Frank Elexander Co. G, 147th Ill. Inf. Will
173 THOMAS, Andrew A. Co. F, 149th Ill. Inf. Edgar
153 THOMAS, Charles C. Co. H, 1534d Inf. Lake
185 THORNTON, Merida Co. C, 73rd Ill. Inf. Vermilion
41 THORP, Ambrose Alphonse Co. K, 45th Ill. Inf. Knox
35 TOLLY, Isaac Sidwell Co. G, 115th Ill. Inf. Shelby
217 TOOLEY, Josiah Co. A, 103rd Ill. Inf. Fulton
103 VAUGHN, Samuel Jefferson Co. H, 81st Ill. Inf. Williamson
4 VENNEMAN, Theodore Co. A, 38th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
14 VINSON, William Co. B, 79th Ill. Inf. Champaign
140 WAGGONER, Cornelius Co. K. 26th Ill. Inf. Tazewell
118 WALTER, George Martin Co. G, 57th Ill. Inf. Kankakee
166 WALTERS, Jacob Ira Co. B, 107th Ill. Inf. DeWitt
36 WARD, Jasper Co. L. 13th Ill. Cav. Saline
174 WARREN, James M. Co. K, 41st Ill. Inf. Macon
95 WATERS, William Henry Co. G, 135th Ill. Inf. Douglas
181 WEISS, Joseph Co. H, 82nd Ill. Inf. Cook
102 WELLS, Charles B. Co. I, 52nd Ill. Inf.;3rd Div. 17th Army Corps Kane
113 WHITLOCK, William James Co. E, 123rd NY Inf.  
94 WIEDMAN, Solomon Co. K., 85th Ill. Inf. Mason
111 WIKENHAUSER, Joseph H. Co. I, 111th Ill. Inf. Marion
79 WILLIAMS, George Co. L, 13th Ill. Cav. Randolph
25 WILLIAMS, George W. Co. K, 5th OH Cav. Sangamon
137 WILMARTH, Charles Nelson Co. K. 74th Ill. Inf. Marion
195 WOODRUFF, Leroy Eugene Co. M,  4th Ill. Cav. Henry
136 WRIGHT, James McCoy Co. G, 129th OH Inf.; Co. D, 191st OH Inf. Macon
150 YONAKA, John Henry Co. E, 63rd Ill. Inf. Edwards
125 YOUNG, Calvin Co. C, 47th Ill. Inf. Fulton
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