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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Lowery Jefferson Farrington Inactive
View Detail Lowry Family Madison Alhambra Despoiled
View Detail Lowry Hill Jefferson Moores Prairie Active
View Detail Loy (Old) [1899]
Loy Methodist or Loy Chapel
Effingham Watson Inactive
View Detail Loy Chapel (New) [1984]
Loy Methodist or Loy (Old)
Effingham Watson Active
View Detail Loy Methodist
Loy Chapel or Loy (Old)
Effingham Watson Active
View Detail Loyet Family Madison Jarvis Inactive
View Detail Lucas
Ogle White Rock Despoiled
View Detail Lucas Chapel Logan Corwin Active
View Detail Luckey-Weber Jersey Fidelity Inactive
View Detail Ludlow (1872) Champaign Ludlow Active
View Detail Ludwig (1914)
Shelby Flat Branch Active
View Detail Luebbers Clinton Carlyle Despoiled
View Detail Lueckmeyer St. Clair Smithton
View Detail Lueth St. Clair Lenzburg
View Detail Lueth-Wasem St. Clair Lenzburg
View Detail Luken Macoupin Dorchester
View Detail Luken
Morgan Franklin East Inactive
View Detail Lumbrick
Coles Charleston
View Detail Lurton
Jersey Mississippi Active
View Detail Lurton Morgan Jacksonville Despoiled
View Detail Lurtz St. Clair O'Fallon
View Detail Lusk Pope
View Detail Lusk Family Madison Edwardsville Despoiled
View Detail Lusk Family
Johnson or Henson
Saline Long Branch Inactive
View Detail Lutes Logan Chester Despoiled
View Detail Luther, Lyle Perry Pinckneyville
View Detail Lutheran Brown Perry
View Detail Lutheran Clinton Lake
View Detail Lutheran
Evangelical Lutheran or First Evang. Lutheran or First Lutheran
Cook Worth Active
View Detail Lutheran Cook
View Detail Lutheran Cook Maine
View Detail Lutheran
Trinity Lutheran or Shumway (Trinity) Lutheran
Effingham Banner Active
View Detail Lutheran
Coal Creek/Providence
Fulton Fairview
View Detail Lutheran Fulton Young Hickory
View Detail Lutheran
Evangelical Lutheran
Hancock Wilcox
View Detail Lutheran Henry Andover
View Detail Lutheran Henry Western
View Detail Lutheran
Jackson Murphysboro
View Detail Lutheran Jackson Somerset
View Detail Lutheran Lake Cuba
View Detail Lutheran
Brooklyn Lutheran
Lee Brooklyn Active
View Detail Lutheran Macoupin Carlinville
View Detail Lutheran Madison Jarvis
View Detail Lutheran Mercer North Henderson
View Detail Lutheran Mercer Rivoli
View Detail Lutheran Monroe Columbia
View Detail Lutheran
Montgomery Litchfield
View Detail Lutheran Pike
View Detail Lutheran Randolph
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