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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail May Chapel
Sand Ridge
Lawrence Lawrence
View Detail Mayberry Greene
View Detail Mayfield
Wesleyan or Bush Point
DeKalb Mayfield Active
View Detail Mayfield (1 burial-no stone)
John C. Mayfield
Adams McKee
View Detail Mayfield Family Adams Beverly
View Detail Mayfield Memorial Macoupin Carlinville Active
View Detail Maylor Franklin Tyrone
View Detail Mayo (relocated)
Methodist Episc.
Edgar Paris Despoiled
View Detail Mayor Hancock Apponoose
View Detail Mays Lake
Friars or Peabody Estate or Portiuncula or St. Joseph College
DuPage York Active
View Detail Maysville
Clay City
Clay Clay City Active
View Detail Maysville Pike Griggsville Inactive
View Detail Mazeppa Sangamon Ball Despoiled
View Detail Mazon
Brookside or Viner
Grundy Mazon Active
View Detail Mc Kellar Family Kane Plato Despoiled
View Detail Mc Queens
Washington Memorial
Kane Plato Active
View Detail McAllister Clinton Carlyle Inactive
View Detail McAllister Sangamon Woodside Despoiled
View Detail McAlpin Williamson West Marion
View Detail McAlpin Williamson West Marion
View Detail McBeth
Ridgon, Foster, Mariner or Robertson
Fulton Harris
View Detail McBride Greene Roodhouse
View Detail McBride Jackson Bradley
View Detail McBride Jackson Kinkaid
View Detail McBride Washington Lively Grove
View Detail McBurg Richland Preston
View Detail McCalebs Scott Bluffs
View Detail McCall
Crawford Montgomery Despoiled
View Detail McCall Hancock Prairie
View Detail McCallister Knox Orange
View Detail McCann
Franklin Cave
View Detail McCarthy Farm White Emma Despoiled
View Detail McCartney Massac Metropolis/Lincoln Despoiled
View Detail McCaughey
Madison Omphghent Inactive
View Detail McCauley
Moore or Moorefield
Edgar Brouilletts Creek Inactive
View Detail McCawley Clay Clay City
View Detail McCawley Clay Stanford
View Detail McClanahan Fayette Carson Inactive
View Detail McClanahan Johnson Grantsburg
View Detail McClane
Wabash Bellmont
View Detail McCleary Bluff Wabash Coffee
View Detail McClelland
Marion Sandoval-Odin Active
View Detail McClenahan Stark Goshen Active
View Detail McClimans (1851) DeWitt Barnett Active
View Detail McClintock Mercer Mercer Despoiled
View Detail McClintock St. Clair Smithton
View Detail McClure Alexander McClure
View Detail McClure Mercer Abington
View Detail McClure
Tazewell Hopedale
View Detail McClusky
East Newbern or Bethell
Jersey Mississippi
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