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Welcome to the ISGS Cemetery Location Project! Once you’ve located a cemetery, please click the “eye” icon to view more information about a particular cemetery.  Please contact the ISGS Cemeteries Committee at with any updates or for more information on this project
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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Elder School
Stephenson Silver Creek Despoiled
View Detail Eldorado Saline Eldorado
View Detail Eldorado Stephenson Oneco Active
View Detail Eldred Greene Bluffdale
View Detail Eldridge Jersey Piasa Inactive
View Detail Eldridgeville Kankakee Norton Active
View Detail Elerding LaSalle Northville Active
View Detail Eleroy Stephenson Erin Active
View Detail Elgin State Hospital Kane Elgin Inactive
View Detail Elias Bragg Knox Chestnut Inactive
View Detail Elias Clark Brown Cooperstown
View Detail Elias Trumbo LaSalle Rutland
View Detail Elijah Evans stone Kane St. Charles Inactive
View Detail Elijah Potter Graveyard Menard
View Detail Eliza
Eliza Creek
Mercer Eliza Active
View Detail Eliza Creek
Mercer Eliza Active
View Detail Elizabeth City Jo Daviess Woodbine
View Detail Elizabeth Louks Champaign Tolono Despoiled
View Detail Elizabethtown Methodist
Hardin McFarlan
View Detail Elk Grove Cook
View Detail Elkhart Logan Elkhart
View Detail Elkhorn
Brick Church
Ogle Eagle Point Active
View Detail Elkhorn
Washington Oakdale
View Detail Elkins Farm
Richland Decker
View Detail Elkton
Washington Oakdale
View Detail Elkville
Jackson Elk
View Detail Elledge
Elledge-Holley or Holley
Edgar Symmes Active
View Detail Elledge-Holley
Elledge or Holley
Edgar Symmes Active
View Detail Elledge, Benjamin Pike Griggsville Despoiled
View Detail Elledge, Uriah Pike Griggsville
View Detail Ellington Coles Charleston
View Detail Ellington
Moultrie Whitley Despoiled
View Detail Ellington Church Adams Ellington
View Detail Elliot, William Jackson Kinkaid
View Detail Elliott Cook
View Detail Elliott Cumberland Spring Point Despoiled
View Detail Elliott Ford Dix
View Detail Elliott Jackson Makanda
View Detail Elliott Jersey Ruyle Inactive
View Detail Elliott Sangamon Springfield Despoiled
View Detail Elliott (no stones) Hardin
View Detail Elliott Family Cook Rich Active
View Detail Ellis
Moultrie Sullivan
View Detail Ellis
Moultrie East Nelson
View Detail Ellis Pope
View Detail Ellis Williamson East Marion
View Detail Ellis (1875) Shelby Ash Grove Inactive
View Detail Ellis Grove Randolph Ellis Grove
View Detail Ellis on Schnakes
View Detail Ellis Van Brocklin Stephenson Florence Active
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