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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
205 ADAMS John Shaw Co. I, 64th Ill. Inf. Kendall
101 ADAMSON Moses Thompson Co. I, 38th Ill. Inf. Richland
40 ALBRIGHT James Washington Co. K, 130th Ill. Inf. McLean
126 ALLEN James H. Co. I, 49th Ill. Inf. Randolph
32 ALLEN Lonnie O'Neal Co. A 274th Engr. Regt. Cook
198 ANDREWS George Albert Co. I, 55th Inf. LaSalle
196 ANTHONY Charles Rowland Co. F, 146th Ill. Inf. Bureau
E12 Archer Moses Aaron Pvt, Co K, 85th IN Inf Regt Fulton
51 AYERS William Banks Co. G, 71st Ill. Inf. Menard
130 BABBITT William Calvin Co. L. 12th Ill. Cav. Fulton
188 BABBITT Hugh Co. G, 50th Army Ill. Vol. Fulton
225 BAIN James Co. F, 110th Reg. Ill. Inf. Franklin
30 BAIN William G. 70th Construction Battalion, USN Cook
37 BAKER Morris L. Co. C, 147th Ill. Inf. LaSalle
110 BALLANCE William Henry Co. D, 111th Ill. Inf. Marion
54 BANTA Henry Co. B, 79th Ill. Inf. Douglas
C2 Barlow John Washington Pvt, Capt Highsmith's Co, 2nd Regt, 2nd Bde, 3rd Army, Mtd Vols Crawford
16 BARRY Charles Robert 131st Inf. & 119th Inf, US Army Cook
24 BARTLEY Edward V. Co. F, 58th Ill. Inf. Piatt
24 BASTIAN Kenneth Byron Capt., 652nd Bombardment Sq. (H) DeKalb
246 BATSON Abner A. Co. E, IL 31st Inf., Pvt. Union
200 BAXTER Horace Co. G, 81st Ill. Inf. Jackson
8 BAXTER Harry S. MSGT, Quartermaster Corps., U.S. Army Douglas
72 BETHEL Tilmon Co. D, 61st Ill. Inf. Jersey
177 BICKLE John C. Co. B, 113th Ill. Inf. Iroquois
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