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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
13 SCHWARZ Franz Joseph Co. M, 7th Ill. Cav. Randolph
62 SEAMAN Isaac Wilson Co. C, 64th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
214 SEIGEL Theodore Co. K, 1st Reg. MO Cav. Crawford
163 SHEPARD Albert Co. C, 115th Ill. Inf. Wabash
H2 Shields Wayne M. MoMM3c, Great Lakes Naval Training Center Lake
121 SHIPPY / SHIPPEY / SHIPPEE Hiram Co. D, 93rd Ill. Inf. Stephenson
17 SHIRLEY Clarence Pvt., 120th Engineers, Co. A, U.S. Army Union
308 SLEIGHT Theodore Co. B 20th Reg. IL Vol. Will
216 SMITH John Co. C, 39th Reg. Ill. Inf. Cook
114 SMITH William C. Co. A, 103rd Ill. Inf. Fulton
97 SMITH William E. Jr. Co. I, 70th Ill. Inf. Pike
59 SPENCER John French Co. C, 41st Ill. Inf. DeWitt
132 SPERRY James Monroe Co. G, 101st & 16th Ill. Inf. Morgan
21 STEPHENS Alexander W. Co. C, 1st Ill. Lt. Art. Stark
74 STEWART John B. Co. B, 101st Ill. Inf. Morgan
17 STICKNEY Lawrence Herbert MM 3/C, 63rd Naval Const. Batt., U.S. Navy Kane
104 STODDARD William Co. C, 149th Ill. Inf. St. Clair
306 STONE Thomas Randall Co. E., 18th IL Vol. Inf.
199 STONER John Co. S, 77th Ill. Inf. Surgeon Woodford
303 STORM Thomas Randall Co. E IL 18th Vol. Inf. Cumberland
26 STOTT James Edwin SF1C(T) V6 U.S.N.R., U.S. Navy DeKalb
50 SUMMERS John Co. I, 70th Ill. Inf. Scott
186 SWANSON Isaac Co. E, 151st Ill. Inf. Henry
127 SWARTS Jacob R. Co. L & E, 10th Ill. Cav. Piatt
304 SWARTZ William J. 48th IL Inf. Jasper
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