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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
83 BIEDERBECK William Co. G, 103rd Ill. Inf. Peoria
170 BLISS Timothy Freeman Co. F, 100th Ill. Inf. Cook
58 BOBBITT George Washington Stephen Co. A, 85th Ill. Inf. Mason
27 BOHMER John G. Staff Sgt., 255th Ord. MM Co. U.S. Army Cook, Will
5 BONILLA John C. Pacific Theater, US Army Kane
235 BOOTH Owen K. Co. G, 10th IL Inf., Cpl. Henderson
18 BORDNER Lawrence Inman Tec4, QMC, U.S. Army Fulton
E7 Boultinghouse Amos Howell Co E, 55th IL Inf Regt DuPage
B3 Boultinghouse Daniel Capt, Commanded Company of IL Mtd Vols White
112 BOWEN Alpheus Co. D, 30th Ill. Inf. Bureau
29 BOYD John Irwin Co. K, 7th Ill. Cav. Henry
210 BRAUN Ferdinand Co. I, MO Art. Btry D, 2 Mo. Lt. Art. St. Clair
E10 Breckon John William Sgt, Co K, 2nd Regt, IL Arty Morgan
13 BREESE Russell E. TSgt, Motor Transportation, U.S. Army DeKalb
G1 BRENNAN John Cpl, Co A, 35th Engr, US Army Cook
182 BRIDGEWATER Andrew Marion Co. D, 115th Ill. Inf. Schuyler
3 BRIGHT Charles W. Co. A, 118th Ill. Inf. Hancock
H5 Brink Lee VanArsdale LTC, Co A, 6th Armd Inf Bn, Army Reserve Ogle
221 BROWN William H. Co. H 130 & Co. B, 77 Reg. IL Vol. Wayne
2 BROWN George M. Co. A, 31st Ill. Inf. Williamson
70 BROWN Abraham Co. B, 109th Ill. Inf. Alexander
224 BROWNING Thomas Co. E, 89th Ill. Inf. Pike
39 BRUNAUGH Benjamin Hamilton Co. K, 99th Ill. Inf. Pike
25 BUELL Joseph R. Jr. Aircraft Fleet Marine Forces, U.S. Navy Cook/DuPage
96 BUELL Joseph Hiram Co. L, 1st Oh Hvy Art.; Co. G, 8th Vet. Res. Cook
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