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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
43 GOSNELL Peter G. Co. A, 39th Ill. Inf. Jasper
15 GOWIN Thomas Jefferson Co. E, 27th Mo. Inf. Macoupin
145 GRAY James A. Co. C, 151st Ill. Inf. McDonough
144 GRIFFITH Amasa Co. F, 14th Cav. Fayette
19 HAGLER Louis Franklin Jackson
228 HAMILTON George W. Co. B, 31st Ill. Inf. Saline
4 HAMMON Abram Co. C, 153rd Ill. Inf. Kane
46 HAMPTON Jonathan Co. A, 9th Ill. Inf. Williamson
90 HANFORD Philo D. Co. G, 153rd Ill. Inf. Winnebago
6 HANNAH Thomas Co. I, 125th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
1 HARBOUGH Henry Co. B, 14th Ill. Inf. Unknown
E15 Hard Abner Anson LTC (Brev), Co S, 8th IL Cav Regt (Surgeon) Kane
9 HARGET Israel Co. H, 120th Reg. IL Inf. Gallatin
E9 Harman Charles William Pvt, Co C, 119th IL Inf Regt and Co C, 41st MO Inf Regt Schuyler
135 HARRELL Joseph Thomas Co. H, 38th IN Inf. Jasper
26 HARRIS William H. Co. H, 8tgh Ill. Inf. Schuyler
H4 Harris Donald Edward Sgt, 16th Cmbt Cgo Sq, 4th Cmbt Cgo Gp, AAF Winnebago
213 HART James Co. H, 134th Reg. Ill. Inf. Henry
211 HAYS James J. Co. F, 88th Ill. Inf. Clay
165 HAYS John Co. G, 10th Ill. Cav. Champaign
190 HECK John Co. F, 72nd Ill. Inf. Logan
226 HELM Uriah Co. G, 7th Reg. Vol. Ill. Cav. Fayette/Effingham
12 HENSON Ralph PFC, Co. K, 38th Div., U.S. Army Randolph
131 HERRON Clark Co. D, 126th Ill. Inf. Morgan
142 HETZEL Gustave Co. I 7 Co. A, 24th Ill. Inf. LaSalle
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