HERMINNA BURDE Birth Certificate?

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HERMINNA BURDE Birth Certificate?
Posted: 03/14/2013 - 4:45 pm
(I am helping a friend - here is what she is looking for): "I am looking for my grandmother's birth certificate for my almost 92 year old mom.  This is the note that my mom translated written by her father David Schmidt in 1898:
 Herminna Burde born on 3rd of Feb 1898, Quincy, Illinois.  On May 4, 1898 she was brought from the American Orphan Home finding Association (by Emma L. Nelson) Chicago, Ill. 167 Dearborn St. Room 712 to the Orphan Home, Halstead Kansas as commissioned by Rev. George Hoover, Supt., on the 20th of May 1898 went to get the child from the Mennonite Orphan Home. Thank you for looking for me."
Quincy has no record of the birth.