Brokaw/Brocaw, David B. and Eliza (Brooks)

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Brokaw/Brocaw, David B. and Eliza (Brooks)
Posted: 01/14/2012 - 7:33 pm
I would like to learn more about David Brewer Brokaw/Brocaw and his wife, Eliza E. Brooks, and their parents.  David was b. 1813, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., Ky.  Eliza's birth is est. 1822 probably in Indiana.  They married in 1837, but not sure if it was Indiana or Kentucky, I have found conflicting information.  This couple had eleven (11) children:  Lucretia A., b. 1838 Ind.;  Mary E., b. 1840 Ind.;  Walter W., b. 1842 Illin.;  Alfred, b. 1844 Illin.;  James W., b. 1846 Illin.;  Sarah A., b. 1849 Illin.; Jerush Malvina I. b. 1851 Illin.;  Delia C., b. 1853 Illin.;  John W. b. 1855 Illin.;  Claborn L., b. 1857 Illin.;  and,  Margaret L., b. 1862 Illin.  Then Eliza died in 1862 Schuyler Co., Illinois.  David remarried in 1866, moved to Warren Co., Illinois, had additional children, and abt. 1878 migrated to Newton Co., Missouri, where he died in 1897.
I am interested particularly in learning about Eliza E. Brooks parentage and their roots, but would be interested to learn more about David B. Brokaw/Brocaw.  I want to learn if he raised hogs?  Was he anti-war or was he physically handicapped?
   David B. and Eliza E. (Brooks) Brokaw/Brocaw are my 3rd great-grandparents.  Contact:  Sue Mendenhall,