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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Danway LaSalle Miller Despoiled
View Detail Darby Iroquois Douglas Inactive
View Detail Dark
Schuyler Brooklyn
View Detail Dark Bend
South Bend or Wilkerson
Jasper Ste. Marie Despoiled
View Detail Darland
Fulton Young Hickory
View Detail Darlington family Jersey Mississippi Inactive
View Detail Darmer Christian Mosquito Inactive
View Detail Darmstadt Memorial
St. Clair Fayetteville
View Detail Darmstatter St. Clair New Athens
View Detail Darnbrough St. Clair Mascoutah
View Detail Darnell Hancock St. Mary 's
View Detail Darnell
Sacred Bluff
Kendall Fox Inactive
View Detail Darter Washington Beaucoup
View Detail Darwin Randolph Chester
View Detail Darwin City
Blackhawk or Taubeneck 2
Clark Darwin Inactive
View Detail Dassing Massac Jackson Inactive
View Detail Daugherty Hancock Rocky Run
View Detail Daugherty Madison Pin Oak
View Detail Daugherty Moultrie East Nelson
View Detail Davenport
Jefferson McClelland Inactive
View Detail Davenport Jersey Otter Creek Inactive
View Detail Davenport
Menard Rock Creek Despoiled
View Detail Davenport
Mount Harmony
Schuyler Birmingham Inactive
View Detail Davey (no stones) Hardin
View Detail David Sangamon Ball Active
View Detail David
Adcock, Henry
Warren Kelly Despoiled
View Detail David Haeger
Spring Creek
Cook Algonquin
View Detail David Strawn LaSalle South Ottawa
View Detail Davidson
Cumberland Union Despoiled
View Detail Davidson Effingham Mason
View Detail Davidson
Prairie Rest
Tazewell Delavan
View Detail Davidson (4 burials) Marion Tonti Inactive
View Detail Davidson family Henderson Media
View Detail Davidson New
Bumgardner New
Massac Metropolis Active
View Detail Davidson Old
Massac Metropolis Inactive
View Detail Davis Boone Belvidere
View Detail Davis
Champaign Mahomet Active
View Detail Davis Clark Dolson Inactive
View Detail Davis Crawford Robinson Inactive
View Detail Davis Edgar Elbridge Despoiled
View Detail Davis Edgar Symmes Despoiled
View Detail Davis Effingham Summit Despoiled
View Detail Davis Fayette Wilberton Inactive
View Detail Davis
Mud Creek or Chess
Iroquois Ash Grove Despoiled
View Detail Davis Jackson Elk
View Detail Davis
Talbott or Wright
Jackson Kinkaid
View Detail Davis
Allen or Phelps
Jackson Murphysboro
View Detail Davis
Jackson Murphysboro
View Detail Davis LaSalle Ophir
View Detail Davis Macoupin Brushy Mound
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