Illinois State Genealogical Society
The Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) was formed in 1968 through the cooperative effort and forward thinking of Illinois genealogical society representatives, who envisioned a statewide genealogical organization. ISGS is a not-for-profit, nonsectarian, educational organization.
ISGS was established for the following purposes:
  • To stimulate an interest in the people who contributed to the establishment and development of the State of Illinois.
  • To seek, preserve and make available data pertaining to individuals, families and groups who lived in Illinois, and to events which took place therein.
  • To inform people about the value of, and the need for, preserving family and local history for posterity.
  • To encourage and support local and regional genealogical societies.
Governing Board
The ISGS Governing Board consists of the Executive Committee (elected officers, directors, and the immediate past president) and the appointed chairs of the Standing Committees – all with voting rights.
Ex-officio non-voting members of the ISGS Governing Board are:  the ISGS Office Secretary, the Secretary of State or his representative, the Director of the Illinois State Archives or his representative, members of the Illinois State Archives Advisory Board, a representative of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and the representatives to/from other organizations.
The non-voting chairs of projects and other committees may be requested by the ISGS President to give committee reports at a quarterly meeting of the Governing Board.

President: Vicki Mattson
1st Vice President: Tina Beaird
2nd Vice President: Candace Marx
Recording Secretary: Suzanne Hoffman
Treasurer: Margaret Truax
2022 Director: Laura Street Chaplin
2022 Director: Kimberly Nagy
2022 Director: Barbara McKean
2023 Director: Roseanne Freundt
2023 Director: Liz Ross
2023 Director: Rachel White
2024 Director: Tara Hinkley
2024 Director: Byron Holdiman
2024 Director: Mary Westerhold
Immediate Past President
Immediate Past President: Candace Marx
Standing Committees & Chairs
Advocacy: Vacant
Conference: Vacant
Education: Liz Ross
Illinois Soc Liaison: Caron Primas Brennan
Marketing & Publicity: Candace Marx
Membership: Jennifer Fisher
Publications: Tara Hinkley
Website: Laura Kovarik
Ex Officio Representatives
Abraham Lincoln Pres Library: Teri Barnett
Illinois State Archives: David Joens
IRAD: Rochelle Joseph
Illinois State Hist Society: William Furry
Illinois Secretary of State: David Joens
Special & Ad Hoc Committees
Advertising Chair: Vacant
Bylaws / Policy & Procedures: Tina Beaird
Genealogy: Rachel White
Military Certificates: Kimberly Nagy
Newsletter Co-Editor: Mary Westerhold
Newsletter Co-Editor: Laura Street Chaplin
Office Liaison: Candace Marx
Prairie Pioneer Certificates: Kimberly Nagy
Projects: Catherine Faye
Quarterly Editor: Mr. Richard Anderson
Social Media: Roseanne Freundt
Website Manager: Karen Feeney
Virtual Meeting Support: Vacant
Ad Hoc Committees & Chairs
Audit: Vacant
Honors & Awards: Jaymie Middendorf
Long Range Planning: Laura Kovarik