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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Hubbard
Rock Ridge, Bluff Park, Rockwood, Hoyle or Lawrence
Lee Palmyra Inactive
View Detail Hubbard
Shelby Holland Active
View Detail Hubbard #1
Bond Mulberry Grove Inactive
View Detail Hubbard Burial Ground Bond Central Inactive
View Detail Hubbartt
Shelby Holland Active
View Detail Hubbell Kendall Little Rock Despoiled
View Detail Hubbs Hardin
View Detail Hubly Graveyard Menard
View Detail Huck Williamson Lake Creek
View Detail Huck Williamson Lake Creek
View Detail Huckaba
Coles Charleston
View Detail Hucklebridge
Macoupin Hillyard
View Detail Huckstep Morgan J'ville-Markham Despoiled
View Detail Huddelson
Warnick or Eckel
Macon Blue Mound Inactive
View Detail Huddleston
Macoupin Gillespie
View Detail Hudson
Hinckle, Hinkle
Christian Mount Auburn Inactive
View Detail Hudson Greene Rockbridge (was Sheffield township)
View Detail Hudson Jackson Grand Tower
View Detail Hudson McLean Hudson
View Detail Hudson
Moultrie Marrowbone
View Detail Hudson
Little Hope
Sangamon Maxwell Inactive
View Detail Hudson Shelby Lakewood Inactive
View Detail Hudson Shelby Shelbyville Active
View Detail Hudson +1892
DeKalb Malta Inactive
View Detail Hudson Congregation of Presbyterian Church
Grand Rapids
LaSalle Grand Rapids
View Detail Huff
McDonough Blandinsville
View Detail Huffaker
Morgan Orleans-Arnold Despoiled
View Detail Huffington
Clark Anderson Despoiled
View Detail Huffman Brown Cooperstown
View Detail Huffman Cass Arenzville Inactive
View Detail Huffman
Deem or Sisson
Edgar Grandview Inactive
View Detail Huffman Vermilion Newell
View Detail Huffner
Wabash Compton
View Detail Hug Bond Burgess Active
View Detail Huggin Perry Pinckneyville
View Detail Huggins Edwards Albion
View Detail Huggins
St. Clair New Athens
View Detail Hughes Jackson Levan Despoiled
View Detail Hughes
Piatt Sangamon Inactive
View Detail Hughes Randolph
View Detail Hughes Schuyler Buena Vista
View Detail Hughes Burying Ground Randolph
View Detail Hughes Family Adams Liberty
View Detail Hughey
Massac Grant Inactive
View Detail Hughson
Elmwood or Gerdes
Clinton Carlyle Inactive
View Detail Hugo
Douglas Bowdre
View Detail Hugue
Jackson Degognia
View Detail Hulen Alexander Sandusky
View Detail Hulett Brown Cooperstown
View Detail Hull Pike Barry
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