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Welcome to the ISGS Cemetery Location Project! Once you’ve located a cemetery, please click the “eye” icon to view more information about a particular cemetery.  Please contact the ISGS Cemeteries Committee at with any updates or for more information on this project
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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Barnes McLean Dawson
View Detail Barnes
McIntosh or Woolington
Piatt Monticello Inactive
View Detail Barnet
Will Homer
View Detail Barnett DeWitt Barnett Inactive
View Detail Barnett Gallatin Equality
View Detail Barnett Greene Athensville (was Mt. Airy Township)
View Detail Barnett Greene Rubicon (was Greenvield township)
View Detail Barnett Kankakee Otto Inactive
View Detail Barnett
Elmwood, Carpenter or Shaws Point
Macoupin Shaws Point
View Detail Barnett
Will Homer
View Detail Barnett Farm
McLean Old Town
View Detail Barney Richland Olney
View Detail Barney Prairie Church
Woods Family
Wabash Friendsville
View Detail Barnfield Randolph Rockwood
View Detail Barnhill Wayne Barnhill
View Detail Barnsback Madison Edwardsville
View Detail Baron
St. Joseph
Iroquois Papineau Active
View Detail Barr Hancock Prairie
View Detail Barr-Johnson Edgar Grandview Active
View Detail Barrall
Marion Romine Inactive
View Detail Barrett
Fulton Pleasant
View Detail Barrett
Will Manhattan
View Detail Barrett +1865 Massac Washington Inactive
View Detail Barrett, John farm Fulton Bernadotte
View Detail Barrickman Livingston Newtown
View Detail Barrington Center Cook Barrington
View Detail Barron (1892) DeKalb Sycamore Despoiled
View Detail Barrow
Williams-Edward or Friendship
Greene Patterson (was North Western Township)
View Detail Barrow Jackson Bradley
View Detail Barry Montgomery Harry
View Detail Barry Pike Barry
View Detail Barry, Wm. Scott
View Detail Barter
New Spring Grove
Williamson Crab Orchard
View Detail Barth St. Clair Englemann
View Detail Barth Wayne Elm River
View Detail Barth White Carmi
View Detail Barths
Saint Johns Reform
White Burnt Prairie Active
View Detail Bartlett Cook Hanover
View Detail Bartlett Jackson Bradley
View Detail Bartlett Madison Pin Oak Inactive
View Detail Bartley Champaign St. Joseph Despoiled
View Detail Bartmess
Lewis Meeks Frm
Crawford Montgomery Inactive
View Detail Bartmess
Norma Illyes Frm
Crawford Montgomery Despoiled
View Detail Barton Pope
View Detail Barton St. Clair Lebanon
View Detail Barton - East Jackson Grand Tower
View Detail Barton Family Madison Foster Despoiled
View Detail Barton Family Saline Long Branch Inactive
View Detail Bartscht Effingham Liberty Inactive
View Detail Basco
Hancock Dallas
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