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Welcome to the ISGS Cemetery Location Project! Once you’ve located a cemetery, please click the “eye” icon to view more information about a particular cemetery.  Please contact the ISGS Cemeteries Committee at with any updates or for more information on this project
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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Dog Town White Emma
View Detail Dogwood Crawford Oblong Despoiled
View Detail Dollahan Lawrence Russell
View Detail Dollar family Williamson Carterville
View Detail Donaldson Fayette S. Hurricane Inactive
View Detail Donaldson Montgomery Fillmore Inactive
View Detail Donelson
Adcock or Causey or Depew or Devore or Old Devore
Fayette Bear Grove Inactive
View Detail Donelson Williamson Creal Springs
View Detail Dongola
American Legion
Union Dongola
View Detail Donnan (moved) Logan Aetna
View Detail Donnellson Montgomery Donnellson
View Detail Donnellson
Bear Creek
Montgomery Grisham
View Detail Donner Christian Locust Inactive
View Detail Donoho Prairie Marion Romine Active
View Detail Donovan Iroquois Douglas Inactive
View Detail Doolen Marion Foster Active
View Detail Doolen
North Fork
Marion Foster Active
View Detail Dooley Family Piatt Willow Branch Despoiled
View Detail Doolin
Jackson Murphysboro
View Detail Dorman Gallatin Gold Hill
View Detail Dorr? D'Ornellos? Morgan Jacksonville Despoiled
View Detail Dorris Wayne Grover
View Detail Dorrisville Saline Harrisburg
View Detail Dorsey
Pike Perry
View Detail Dorsey Emmaus Lutheran
Emmaus Lutheran
Madison Nameoki Active
View Detail Dosher
White Carmi Inactive
View Detail Doss Grave Macoupin South Palmyra
View Detail Doty Coles Pleasant Grove
View Detail Doty Jackson Somerset
View Detail Doty Kane Hampshire Active
View Detail Double Bridges Johnson Simpson
View Detail Doud
Minkler Road
Kendall Oswego Inactive
View Detail Dougherty Hancock Rock Run
View Detail Dougherty Jersey Otter Creek Inactive
View Detail Dougherty Vermilion Vance Active
View Detail Doughty Farm Ogle Byron Despoiled
View Detail Douglas Alexander Delta
View Detail Douglas Hamilton Mayberry
View Detail Douglas
Knox Salem Inactive
View Detail Douglas Pike Detroit
View Detail Douglas Saline Rector Active
View Detail Douglas St. Clair East St. Louis
View Detail Douglas +1852 Massac Jackson Inactive
View Detail Douglass
Pike Montezuma
View Detail Dover Bureau Dover
View Detail Dowell [1984] Effingham Summit Despoiled
View Detail Downen
White Burnt Prairie Active
View Detail Downers Grove
Main Street or Old Settlers orPioneer
DuPage Downers Grove Inactive
View Detail Downey Cumberland Neoga
View Detail Downey Hardin
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