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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Garrison Clinton Brookside Inactive
View Detail Garrison Hamilton Crouch
View Detail Garrison Family White Emma Inactive
View Detail Garrison Hill Randolph Chester
View Detail Garrison Temple Wayne Hickory Hill
View Detail Garrison Temple Old Wayne Hickory Hill
View Detail Garrot Union Dongola
View Detail Garver
Macon Whitmore Active
View Detail Garvey
Baker or Wilcox
Sangamon Illiopolis Despoiled
View Detail Garwood Family Lake Antioch (West)
View Detail Garwood family Lake Avon
View Detail Gary Family Macoupin Western Mound
View Detail Gary's Mill DuPage Winfield Despoiled
View Detail Gash Wayne Elm River
View Detail Gash Wayne Leech
View Detail Gaskell Cumberland Neoga
View Detail Gaskill (1895) Shelby Ash Grove Active
View Detail Gaston Jefferson Grand Prairie Inactive
View Detail Gatton Cass Virginia Despoiled
View Detail Gay Schuyler Rushville
View Detail Gaylord Piatt Sangamon Despoiled
View Detail Gearhart
Coles North Okaw
View Detail Gebhardt Cass Sangamon Valley Despoiled
View Detail Gebhardt Hardin
View Detail Gehant Farm
Old German
Lee Bradford Inactive
View Detail Gehlenbeck Lutheran
aka Worden Lutheran aka Trinity Lutheran
Madison Hamel
View Detail Gehner Farm Macoupin Cahokia Inactive
View Detail Geier St. Clair New Athens
View Detail Geiger Madison Helvetia
View Detail Geisler family Jersey Fidelity Despoiled
View Detail Gelder Macoupin Chesterfield Active
View Detail General Baptist Church
Reid's Chapel
Saline Stonefort Active
View Detail Genesee Grove Central Whiteside Genesee
View Detail Geneva Massac George's Creek
View Detail Geneva Road
Fairview Debating Society or Pleasant Hill
DuPage Milton Active
View Detail Genoa (1891)
Genoa Burying Ground or Grave Yard
DeKalb Genoa Active
View Detail Genoa Burying Ground
Genoa or Grave Yard
DeKalb Genoa Active
View Detail Gensler Fayette Vandalia Inactive
View Detail Gentry Williamson Grassy
View Detail Geo Newman Burying Ground Morgan Concord-Meredosia Inactive
View Detail George Washington Irvington
View Detail George Everett Schuyler Bainbridge
View Detail George Galloway LaSalle Fall River
View Detail George Neathery Bond Mulberry Grove Inactive
View Detail George Peters Family Champaign Somer Despoiled
View Detail George W. Dana McHenry Alden
View Detail Georgetown Carroll Cherry Grove Despoiled
View Detail Georgetown
Sangamon Salisbury
View Detail Georgetown Vermilion Georgetown
View Detail Gerber School Tazewell Groveland
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