Illinois State Genealogical Society
Prairie Pioneers
This project was organized for the Bicentennial, and the first pioneer was certified in 1982. This is now a very popular project with over 3,000 pioneers certified. There are three categories of certificates issued to descendants of pioneers who resided in Illinois (1) prior to statehood, (2) 1819-1850, and (3) 1851-1880. Documentation proving the pioneer's date of residency in Illinois, along with documentation proving the applicant's lineage to the pioneer, must accompany the application. Full instructions and fee schedule are available on the application form.
Access ISGS's current Index of Certified Prairie Pioneers here.
To request a copy of a Prairie Pioneer file, please send a check for $35.00 along with the Pioneer number and name to:
P.O. Box 10195
Springfield, IL 62791
For questions concerning the Prairie Pioneers, please send an email to: