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Actions Cemetery Name / Alias County Township Status
View Detail Bethlehem Johnson Tunnel Hill
View Detail Bethlehem Marion Salem Active
View Detail Bethlehem
Morgan Franklin East Inactive
View Detail Bethlehem Pulaski Olmsted
View Detail Bethlehem
Stephenson Rock Grove Active
View Detail Bethlehem Williamson East Marion
View Detail Bethlehem (Lutheran) Effingham Mound Active
View Detail Bethlehem Church of Christ Hancock Walker
View Detail Bethlehem Lutheran Clinton Meridian Active
View Detail Bethlehem Lutheran (1874)
German Lutheran
Champaign Hensley Inactive
View Detail Bethlehem Methodist Cass Virginia Despoiled
View Detail Bethsaida [1899] Effingham Union Active
View Detail Betley-Shepherd
Little Shepherd
Cass Newmansville Despoiled
View Detail Bettie Franklin Ewing Inactive
View Detail Bettis
Franklin Benton
View Detail Beulah
Brick or Walnut Prairie
Clark York Active
View Detail Beulah Rock Island Rural
View Detail Bever Tazewell Hopedale
View Detail Beverly (moved) Logan Eminence Despoiled
View Detail Beverly Memorial Park
Mount Hope or Reintern or Woodlawn
Cook Worth Active
View Detail Beverly Old Adams Beverly
View Detail Bible Grove Lutheran
Saint John Lutheran
Effingham Union Active
View Detail Bice
Sangamon Williams Inactive
View Detail Bickel-Yates
Iroquois Ashkum Despoiled
View Detail Bickers
Jasper Smallwood
View Detail Biddleborn
Darmstadt Memorial
St. Clair Fayetteville
View Detail Biddleborn Evangelical Washington Lively Grove
View Detail Big Creek
Clark Wabash Active
View Detail Big Creek
Bush or See
Edgar Symmes Despoiled
View Detail Big Creek Church Union Balcom
View Detail Big Foot McHenry Chemung
View Detail Big Grove DeWitt Waynesville Inactive
View Detail Big Grove Mason Salt Creek Active
View Detail Big Hill Hamilton Mayberry
View Detail Big Hill White Indian Creek
View Detail Big Mound Ogle Scott Active
View Detail Big Prairie White Hawthorne Active
View Detail Big Ridge Church Saline Cottage Active
View Detail Big Saline Church
Saline Mountain Active
View Detail Big Sandy
Vandaveer or Fair or Piper
Greene Rubicon (was Greenvield township)
View Detail Big Spring Fayette Carson Despoiled
View Detail Big Woods DuPage Winfield Active
View Detail Big Woods
Annunciation Catholic, Marywood Catholic
Kane Aurora Active
View Detail Bigbey
Massac Jackson Active
View Detail Bigger
Woodford El Paso Despoiled
View Detail Biggers
Jasper Smallwood
View Detail Biggs
Fayette Pope Active
View Detail Biggsville Henderson Biggsville
View Detail Bill Funks
Potters Field
Cook Bremen Inactive
View Detail Billett Lawrence Lawrence
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